More Enforcement for Judge G. Harold Martin’s “Every Child A Swimmer”

If you are old enough, and/or have been around the Hall of Fame long enough, you may remember the name G. Harold Martin or “The Judge” as he was commonly known. In addition to being a longtime member of the Kiwanis Club, the Judge was also one of the founding fathers of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. One thing a lot of people do not know, was that the Judge also had a passion for making sure kids knew how to swim, or at least save themselves if they got into trouble in the water. That’s how he began the “Every Child A Swimmer” Program, which the Judge always ran through the Kiwanis Club. But, in 2019, the Kiwanis generously gifted to the ECAS program to ISHOF, which it now considers its spiritual mission, working tirelessly to make sure, as the Judge says, “That Every Child Is A Swimmer! Please watch the video above and visit the ECAS website!

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