International Swimming Hall of Fame Awards

Honoring the Winners

Al Schoenfield Media Award

Al Schoenfield was editor and publisher of Swimming World and Swimming Technique magazines (1960-1977) and served on various international committees for swimming including the FINA Technical Swimming Committee (1980-1984).

Buck Dawson Authors Award

The Award is presented to the author of an aquatics- related book for which the book’s content has had a profound educational or entertaining impact on the aquatic disciplines or population in general.

G. Harold Martin Award

Presented for long and exceptional leadership, insight and dedication to the water safety of children and the cause of making Every Child A Swimmer.

Gold Medallion

presented each year to a former competitive swimmer for his or her national or international significant achievements in the field of science, entertainment, art, business, education, or government.

Grande Dame Award

promoting the interests and projects of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. These women have been of inestimable value to the Hall and its functions.

Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

This award recognizes contributors to the administration of open water swimming.

ISHOF Service Award

Given periodically to an individual who has selflessly volunteered their time, energy and/or resources to advance the interests and work of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

John K. Williams, Jr. International Adapted Aquatics Award

Honors an individual who has made significant and substantial contributions to the field of adaptive aquatics (aquatics for persons with disabilities) as a participant, athlete, teacher, instructor, coach, organizer, administrator or media representative.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes the lifetime dedication and achievements in the swimming community.

The ISHOF Aquatic Awards, presented by AquaCal

Presented for outstanding contributions to: Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, Competitive Diving, Aquatic Safety, Synchronized Swimming and Recreational Swimming.

(formerly the ISHOF Paragon Awards 1992-2022)

Poseidon Award

Recognizes high level achievement from personal effort or initiative in a field of endeavor that contributes to the performance of marathon swimmers

Presidential Honor Award

Conferred in recognition of an extraordinary or exceptional achievement to promote the mission of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Virginia Hunt Newman International Award

Virginia Hunt Newman has been called “The Mother of Infant Swimming.” She pioneered and focused worldwide attention on the non-forceful, non-traumatic method of teaching infants and preschool-age children to swim, earning great respect as an innovator in the field.