Drowning Prevention Book “Charlie the savior” Inspired by Baywatch

In 1997, young Charlie Hayes, asked his mother to see the set of the world’s #1 TV series Baywatch.  This was his last wish as he was suffering from terminal cancer. His wish came true. He met the legendary creator, director and producer, Greg Bonann. The love he received from Greg, the screenwriter Tai Collins and the actors, extended his life for a few months.

The international drowning prevention program “Charlie the savior” is inspired by this touching story. It reminds the need for safety measures offering education on swimming, resuscitation, personal survival, applied lifeguarding and lifesaving sport with cross-sectional and entertaining way. The young readers get a Certificate of Accomplishment. It is distributed freely to serve the mission of every organization that strives to make our planet safer. It is available here.

Bonann commented: “Because of Charlie I realized the huge impact that our show was having around the world. We had an obligation that Baywatch would stay special. Stathis’ touching tale hopefully may serve a higher purpose; to save many children from drowning!”

ISHOF President/CEO Brent Rutemiller added: “I love this book as it is an educational as well as entertaining story. The message is strong and timeless. The spiritual nature appeals to all ages. Everyone can learn and be inspired by this work. The illustrations are beautiful, impactful and brilliant in color. A must read for everyone who touches water!”

ISHOF’s historian Bruce Wigo said: “Dr. Stathis Avramidis is one of the world’s great advocates for water safety and shares our vision of Every Child A Swimmer. In his latest book, he transforms a true life story into mythic proportions that is inspirational, entertaining and at the same time an incredibly valuable teaching tool that I believe will have a positive impact on global drowning prevention education.”

Charlie-the-savior-2ISHOF award honoree and creator of the program, Dr. Stathis Avramidis, officer of the National Public Health Organization, Academic Fellow of Applied Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Sport in the University of Athens and President of the Greek Lifesaving Sports Association, added: “Education is the most powerful tool for injury prevention. This program serves a supreme goal and a personal debt. I thank my colleagues, the organizations, the reviewers, Greg, Tai and those that will implement it. Drowning is a multidimensional problem. Only united we can reduce it.”

Τhe free international drowning prevention program “Charlie The Savior” is endorsed by ILS, IFSTA, RLSS Commonwealth, ACFC, GLSA, WOWSA, ISHOF and inspired by true events that took place on Baywatch.

The program has been reviewed by 19 experts in 8 countries. It is endorsed by the following organizations that operate in 113 countries: Greek Lifesaving Sports Association, International Swimming Hall of Fame, International Life Saving Federation, Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth, International Federation of Swimming Teachers’ Association, A Chance for Children Foundation, World Open Water Swimming Association and International Water Safety Foundation. The talented Nikos Kouremenos gave the “kiss of life” to the text with his  illustrations (promo video).

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