Dr. Bill Kent becomes an MLC Honorary Life Member

The Mediterranean Lifesaving Confederation (MLC) proudly announces that the Chairman of the Board of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the spiritual mission of “Every Child A Swimmer”,  Dr. Bill Kent (USA), became an Honorary Life Member.

Dr Bill Kent was born on September 1, 1942, nine months after America entered World War II and learned swimming at the age of 10.  He has accomplished everything (family, business, volunteerism). He holds a BSc in Physics and a PhD in Global Business. He worked in General Electric Company, Chester Products, Team Horner Group in numerous roles from the bottom to the top. “Team Horner” is a group of companies focused on different functions within the swimming pool and spa business worldwide. His export company, HornerXpress Worldwide, has customers in 105 countries. As a Chairman of the Board of the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF), he inspires and blesses the fields of swimming and water safety by sailing the “Mecca of Aquatics” to new and safer horizons. To cope with the burden of drowning, he leads the spiritual mission of “Every Child A Swimmer”, changed the state legislation and implemented a water safety program for public awareness in hospitals. He is a frequent speaker and article contributor to national and international conferences and papers in topics like business leadership, company culture and philanthropy. He has founded the Bill Kent Family Foundation, and served the National Swimming Pool Foundation and the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance in numerous leading roles. For his contributions he was honored countless times. Lifetime Achievements Award (Florida Swimming Pool Association, 2023); Service and Commitment Award (ISHOF, 2021); Outstanding Public Leadership Award (Florida Tax Watch, 2021); Philanthropist of the Year” (Florida Swimming Pool Association, 2020); recognition as one of “the 10 most impactful people” (Swimming World Magazine, 2017); Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award (American Psychological Association National, 2014, 2015); Honorary Dean (University of Pools and Spas continuing education program: 2000); Presidential Honor Award (ISHOF & Kalos Kagathos Foundation, 1995); Florida Pool & Spa Association Hall of Fame Award 1987; Treasure Coast Chapter Special Support Award 1987; U.S. Department of Energy Award 1985; San Juan Pools Special Achievement Award 1984; TEC Innovation Award 1993 Florida Man of the Year Award 1976. He believes in working, growing and winning together and that the best is yet to come!

Dr. Kent, commented about his recognition: “It is an honor to receive this recognition; the International Swimming Hall of Fame is also honored, since my role there is what has caused this personal honor. We support your mission to advance drowning prevention through lifesaving sport within the Mediterranean basin totally!

The MLC President, Giorgio Quintavalle and the MLC Secretary General, Dr Stathis Avramidis, said on this occasion: “Dr Kent is an extraordinary individual. He has a unique talend to take the best out of everyone who is blessed to be associated or work with him. He is wise, generous, visionary, passionate, tireless, humble and innovative. He loves everything that has to do with swimming and water safety. His morality, values, work and voluntry ethics make the world a better and safer place!”

The award presentation will take place at a special ceremony during the first Mediterranean Lifesaving Championships in Rome, Italy on 24-27, July, 2024.

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