Camillo Cametti Steps Down After 25 Years as Chairman of the ISHOF’s Selection Committee


The International Swimming Hall of Fame would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Camillo Cametti for his dedicated service as the Chairman of the ISHOF Honoree Selection Committee for the past 25 years.  He began serving as Chairman of ISHOF’s Selection Committee in 1996, the year of the Atlanta Olympic Games.

Camillo’s influence, knowledge and wisdom will be sorely missed by the International Swimming Hall of Fame family.  He served the aquatic community well.  Anybody who ever had the privilege of meeting or working with Camillo walked away with greater perspectives. Of all the people that I have met and work with over the years, I cannot think of a finer gentleman who radiated confidence and respect more than Camillo.   He remains the epitome of a true journalist dedicated to aquatic sports. Thank you for your service! – Brent Rutemiller, ISHOF CEO, Swimming World Magazine Publisher


Photo Courtesy: ISHOF

Cametti worked as an international journalist for almost 50 years.  As a former swimmer and water polo player from Verona, Italy, it was only natural that he was drawn to aquatics and became very successful at covering and promoting aquatic athletes.

He has been at every Olympic Games in a journalistic capacity since 1972 beginning in Munich, Germany and ending in Rio in 2016 for a total of thirteen Olympic Games.  In addition to the Olympic Games, Cametti has covered most and attended all the FINA World Championships since their inception in Belgrade, in 1973.

He has served a Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for various swimming magazines such as FINA’s The World of Swimming, the Italian Swimming Federations’s FIN NewsIl Mondo del Nuoto, and La Technica de Nuoto.

He has been a contributor to Italy’s main sports daily La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Italy’s main television “RAI”, Italy’s main sports magazine, Guerin Sportivo,  FINA MagazineFINA Aquatics World and more.  He has been a lecturer at both national and international clinics and seminars on sports journalism related to aquatics.

In addition to his journalist prowess, Cametti has served as a Board Member for the ITALIAN SWIMMING Federation (FIN), as a member of the IOC ORIS Working Group for Aquatic Sports and Chairman of the AIPS Swimming Commission (1990-2002).  He was a member of the FINA Technical Swimming Committee from 1998 to 1996, and was the first to propose the recognition of the short course competitions and world records as well as the introduction, recognition and acceptance of prize money in selected competitions.

Camillo Cametti is fluent in four languages.

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