Unfiltered Waters: Katie Hoff-Missy Franklin Hosted Podcast Has Dug Deep Into Athlete Stories (Watch Intro Video)


08 April 2024, 05:56am

Unfiltered Waters: Katie Hoff-Missy Franklin Hosted Podcast Has Dug Deep Into Athlete Stories

Recalling certain events can make for a fun march down memory lane, and I’ve been in a position through the years to chronicle my share of incredible moments in this sport. It’s truly been a pleasure, and I’ll forever be grateful for these opportunities. So, for a moment, allow me to share a pair of memories that were recently rekindled.

At the 2007 edition of the World Championships in Melbourne, I had a decision to make. Attend the closing press conference of Michael Phelps or remain inside Rod Laver Arena and watch Katie Hoff race the final of the 400-meter individual medley. I fortunately chose the latter and was treated to a spectacular world-record performance by the American teen, who seemingly raced against the clock en route to a seven-second rout.


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Four years later, at the 2011 World Champs in Shanghai, rising teenager Missy Franklin put her precocious talent on display, including in a gold-medal and American-record showing in the 200 backstroke. Once her meet was over, I had the chance to sit with Franklin for a one-on-one interview in which the then 16-year-old’s effervescence shined through.

In recent weeks, through video calls and emails, Swimming World has partnered with Hoff and Franklin, who recently launched the Unfiltered Waters Podcast. On a regular basis, Swimming World will highlight specific segments of Unfiltered Waters and provide the readership with information regarding episodes of the podcast and where it can be viewed.

Unfiltered Waters

Unfiltered Waters

To be given the opportunity to promote Unfiltered Waters was a no-brainer, as the podcast is fueled by two of the greats in swimming history. Their insights offer an angle of assessment that a miniscule percentage of individuals can provide, as Hoff and Franklin reached the pinnacle of their sport.

But there is so much more to Unfiltered Waters than two legendary athletes hosting a podcast. In Hoff and Franklin, we witness two empowered women taking on a new career with one another. We see them venturing into business. We see them discuss mental health and other critical topics in society that go beyond times and places in the water. We see them give guests the chances to tell their stories and investigate their journeys and roadblocks. We see emphasis on perseverance. On teamwork. On turning to support systems. We laugh. We nod in appreciation. We might even cry a bit.

There’s a reason “Unfiltered” is part of the podcast’s title. It is real. It can be raw. It’s honest.

Simply, Unfiltered Waters is special – an all-encompassing and unique podcast that has already welcomed some amazing names (Caeleb Dressel, Jessica Long, Ryan Murphy, and track star Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone) and has many more lined up for future episodes.

For starters, we are featuring an introductory compilation of Unfiltered Waters and hope you enjoy this glimpse into what has become a sensational podcast. We are thrilled to promote what Katie Hoff and Missy Franklin have brought to the podcast universe.

Unfiltered Waters is available on numerous podcast-carrying platforms, including Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

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