Sarah Thomas to receive the 2021 Poseidon Award


The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) will recognize Sarah Thomas for her high-level achievement in marathon swimming with the 2021 Poseidon Award.  The Award will be presented to Sarah during a future International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Induction and Award Ceremony.  The Poseidon Award is presented annually by International Swimming Hall of Fame to the organization or individual for high level achievement from personal effort or initiative in a field of endeavor that contributes to the performance of marathon swimmers or to the development and status of Marathon Swimming to the world.

This year’s award honors Sarah Thomas.  In 2019, she was the first swimmer to ever complete a 4-way English Channel Swim (132 km in 54 hours and 10 minutes). Additionally, she has completed two other long swims; Lake Champlain (168.3 km in 67 hours and 16 minutes) in 2017 and Lake Powell (128.7 mk in 56 hours and 5 minutes) in 2016. This trio of swims are the top three longest, current neutral swims in history. In 2017, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer, for which she underwent aggressive treatment of chemo, surgery, and radiation therapy. Six months following the completion of cancer treatment, Sarah completed the epic Cook Strait swim in New Zealand and six months after that, she finished her 4-way English Channel swim. Her courageous comeback has been an inspiration for many and generated great media coverage for our sport: ESPNw, Sports Illustrated, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, Good Morning Britain, etc.

She was also the Race Director for the unique Cliff Backyard Ultra Marathon Swim (USA) in 2018 and 2019.

She was inducted as an Honor Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) in 2018.  For her substantial contributions to marathon swimming on the international stage, Sarah has been awarded the 2021 Poseidon Award.

For additional information, please call Ned Denison in Ireland, (+353) 87-987-1573, or ISHOF at (954) 462-6536, or visit http// 

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3 years ago

Well deserved… Congratulations, Sarah!

Ferrario Massimiliano
3 years ago

Grande Sarah immensa!!!

3 years ago

Wonderful news. Go Sarah!!

3 years ago

Great mama water.
We proudest from this end,Africa!!!

3 years ago

Unbelievable! Well deserved,Sarah

3 years ago

Well done and Congratulations Sarah on all of your successes!

3 years ago

As I tell my learners, the World's best swimmer, very well deserved.

Hacı Memet Kılıç
3 years ago

Congratulations,Sara! You are my iconic role model.Love from Turkey

3 years ago

Wow! Congrats Sara!!!

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