Our wonderful friend and ISHOF Honor Swimmer Libby Lenton Trickett welcomes baby #4, a boy!!!!

After three beautiful little girls, Poppy, Eddie and Bronte, Libby gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy on May 17th at 9:09 a.m.

Libby posted via her Instagram page:

“The final little piece to our family puzzle (for reals this time! 😏)

Alfred Sunny Trickett arrived at 9.09am on the 17th of May via an elective caesarean birth, weighing 3.5kg and 52cm long.

Every birth I’ve had has been extraordinary and this one was no different. Calm, full of joy and laughter, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to meet our baby boy.

Alfie has no idea what he’s in for with his 3
big sisters and the girls are absolutely smitten. ☀️”

Libby came halfway around the world to Fort Lauderdale for her induction in 2017 with her husband Luke, her Mother, as babysitter and helper and daughters, Poppy and Eddie, as a newborn.

Congratulations Libby, Luke, Poppy, Eddie, Bronte and welcome to the world Alfred Sunny Trickett!!!!

I can’t remember meeting a lovelier person. Rebecca Adlington was inducted that year too. Between the two of the them, they might have been the sweetest girls ever!

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