IMSHOF Selects 13 Honorees for the Class of 2024


23 February 2024, 09:35am

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) is different from most sports halls – Honorees do not have to be retired to be inducted.  The sport is often a lifetime activity – 50 years in some cases. One example, Honoree Michael P. Read, MBE – Class of 1978 swam the English Channel 33 times between 1969 and 2004 and other marathons until 2018.  All 13 of the IMSHOF Honorees – Class of 2024 now become part of the IMSHOF family. They will already have met with; competed against; helped or been helped by other Honorees.  One of the largest Honoree gatherings took place at the Induction and Awards Ceremony in London (see photo):  30 individual Honorees and representatives of 6 Honoree organizations.

This leads to incredible accomplishments in the sport by individuals after they become Honorees:

Elite Racers

From left: Chelsea Gubecka, Sharon van Rouwendaal, Ana Marcela Cunha: Photo courtesy: Andrea Masini / Deepbluemedia / Insidefoto

Tokyo Olympics:  Gold Medal – Honoree Ana Marcela Cunha – Class of 2019 and Silver Medal – Honoree Sharon van Rouwendaal – Class of 2022.  This doesn’t count other Honoree swimmers plus coaches (including Honoree Catherine Vogt Kase – Class of 2024) and administrators (including Honoree Sam Greetham – Class of 2024). helping.

Honoree Leonie Beck – Class of 2024 won 2 majors in 2023:  World Aquatics 10 km World Championship and World Aquatics Open Water Swimming World Cup.

Going back 90 years or so, Class of 2024 Honoree Pauline Jackson would have been at the Canadian National Exhibition races at the same time as Honorees:  Gertrude Ederle, Ernst Vierkoetter, George Young, Georges Michel, and William “Bill” Goll.  She was also a member of the International Professional Swimmers’ Association which met in New York City – where she lived.  It is likely that she met other Honoree members:  Norman Ross, William “Bill” Sadlo Jr., Eva Morrison, Charlotte “Lottie” Schoemmell, Henry Sullivan, and William Wrigley Jr.

Solo Swimmers

The Oceans Seven is perhaps the ultimate bucket list achieved by only 27 swimmers. Six IMSHO Honorees reaching this level after their Induction:

Nora Toledano Cadena – Class of 2006

Elizabeth Fry – Class of 2014

Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González – Class of 2015

Attila Mányoki – Class of 2016

Rohan Dattatrey More – Class of 2018

Cameron Bellamy – Class of 2020

Honoree Lynton Mortensen – Class of 2024, had already accomplish the goal prior to IMSHOF selection.

Contributor – Coach

Probably the connected is Honoree Dan Simonelli – Class of 2024. He has already met with, competed against, helped or been helped by 75 other Honorees and all the current members of the IMSHOF Executive Committee. 42 during previous IMSHOF Induction & Awards Ceremonies in California (2015 and 2016) Naples Italy 2022 and New York City 2023. 33 others during Catalina swims/annual lunches, coaching clinics, the beach in Dover England – gathering point for English Channel swimmers and aspirants, etc. Dan will increase his “total” in Cancun México in May at his Induction and Awards Ceremony.

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