The Olympic Club (USA)

Honor Masters Water Polo (2016)

The information on this page was written the year of their induction.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: 1996 FINA World Masters, Sheffield, England: gold, 30+ men; 1998 FINA World Masters Championship, Casablanca, Morocco: gold men 30+; 2000 FINA World Masters Championship, Munich, GER: silver men 30+, 5th men 35+; 2002 FINA World Masters Championship, Christchurch, New Zealand: gold, men’s 35+, silver men 40+; 2004 FINA World Masters Championships, San Marino, ITA: 3rd men 35+, silver men 40+; 2006 FINA World Masters Championship, Stanford, CA, USA: silver men 30+, gold men 40+; 5th , men 45+ ; 2008 FINA World Masters Championship, Perth, AUS: gold men 30+, bronze men 40+, silver men 45+, silver men 45+ ; 2010 FINA World Masters Championship, Boras, SWE: gold women 30+, silver men 30+, bronze men 45+; 2012 FINA World Masters Championship, Riccione, ITA: gold women 30+, silver men 30+, gold men 45+; 2014 FINA World Masters Championship, Montreal, CAN: gold women’s 30+, gold men’s 30+, 4th place men 40+, gold men 50+, 2015 Pan American Masters Championships Medellin, COL: gold men 30+, silver men 45+, gold men 50+.

Founded in 1860, the Olympic Club of San Francisco is the oldest athletic club in the United States of America. It supports nineteen different sports on a local, national and international level. Among those sports is water polo, which became an official sport for the Club in 1896. Since then it has won many national and international championships, and 21 club members have represented the USA on twelve different US Olympic water polo teams.

An early supporter of Masters swimming, the club formed its first Masters water polo team in 1988, when it competed in the first US Water Polo sanctioned Masters tournament in El Segundo, California. In 1996, the club recognized women’s water polo as an official sport. That same year, the club made its international water polo debut at the FINA World Masters Championships in Sheffield, England, where it won the men’s 30+ gold medal. Since its first Masters teams were formed, the Olympic Club has participated in every USA Masters National Championships and every FINA Masters World Championships through 2014.

Over these years, the club has won dozens of national Masters titles along with ten team titles, nine silver and three bronze medal finishes at the FINA World Masters Championships.