Keijiro Nakamura (JPN)

Honor Masters Swimmer (2009)

The information on this page was written the year of their induction.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: World Points – 691, Pre-1986 Points-0. Total Points: 691. Since 1972, he has competed in 4 age groups (65-69 thru 80-84). 30 FINA MASTERSWORLD RECORDS

He did not compete competitively until his university years at Keio University. But like most boys of his age, this young fourth grader taught himself to swim and enjoyed swimming any chance he had. He was born and raised in the Shizuoka prefecture, which is home to one of the largest lakes in Japan; a water playground for him and his friends.

Competing to be the best and fastest swimmer possible, this Masters swimmer continues to compete at the highest levels possible. Swimming for the Jyueikai Swim Club he has not attended any World Championships, but has accumulated his status as one of the top Masters Swimmers in the world, based on rankings and world records only.

Keijiro Nakamura has been in the FINA Masters Top 10 for a total of 16 years through 2007. Primarily a backstroke and freestyle swimmer, he has set 30 FINA Masters World Records in events 200 meters or less. Mr. Nakamura has competed in four age groups (65-69 though 80-84) and has a total of 64 number one FINA world rankings.