Frieder Class (GER)

Honor Masters Water Polo (2017)

The information on this page was written the year of their induction.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: 12 FINA WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: (PLAYER & COACH) 5 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze; 1996 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (player); 1998 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (player); 2000 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (player); 2002 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (player); 2006 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: 5th. (player & coach). 2008 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: bronze (player & coach); 2010 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: 2 gold (player & coach), 2012 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: 4th 60+ (player & coach), gold 65+ (coach); 2014 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (player & coach); 2015 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: 4th (player & coach). bronze 60+ (coach); 2017 WORLD CASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: bronze (70+); 7 EUROPEAN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze (player & coach); 1996 INITIATED 1ST GERMAN MASTER WATER POLO CHAMPIONSHIPS; 22 GERMAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (player & coach): 17 gold, 12 silver, 5 bronze; ORGANIZER OF GERMAN MASTER WATER POLO CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR 20 YEARS.

Frieder Class, a retired police officer, started playing water polo at the age of 13. He is still playing today at the age of 56 and hopes to continue his water polo career for a very long time. Class says water polo is his passion, second only to his wife. He has left his mark on water polo, as a player, coach and as an organizer/contributor.

He began his international Masters water polo career in 1996. He has won five gold, three silver and three bronze medals in 12 different FINA Masters World Championships, both as a player and a coach.

In 1996, the Masters Section Committee of the German Swimming Federation asked him to invite entries for a German Masters Water Polo Championship. The first championship had just two participants, both of them in the 30+ age group. They were the teams of Jan Wellem Dusseldorf and SV Cannstatt. The year 1996 marked the beginning of Masters Water Polo for Germany.

Since then, Class has been the organizer, and also participant, in all of the German Masters Water Polo Championships. In June, 2017 the 22nd Championships took place in the city of Hamburg. What started out with two teams in 1996, has grown dramatically over the years. In 2017, there were 25 clubs with 43 teams, among them four women teams, in nine different age groups, resulting in a three-day tournament with 76 matches.

Class has had a lot of success as a player and as a coach, but also some bitter defeats and disappointments. Class believes the defeats and disappointments were just as important as the victories, because only the best deserve the glory.