Happy Birthday to our 2020 Honoree JON SIEBEN !!!

Jon Sieben (AUS)

2020 Honor Swimmer

FOR THE RECORD: 1984 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (200m butterfly), bronze (4x100m medley); 1988 OLYMPIC GAMES: 4th (100m butterfly), 6th (4x100m medley); 1992 OLYMPIC GAMES: 6th (4 x 100m medley); ONE WORLD RECORD: 100m butterfly; 1982 COMMONWEALTH GAMES: gold (4x100m medley), bronze (200m butterfly); 1985 PAN PACIFIC GAMES: silver (100m butterfly), silver (4 x100m medley); 1987 PAN PACIFIC GAMES: silver (100m butterfly), bronze (4 x 100m medley); 1991 PAN PACIFIC GAMES: silver (100m butterfly); 1985 UNIVERSIADE GAMES: gold (100m butterfly); 2005 UNIVERSIADE GAMES: 8th (men’s water polo team); 2009 UNIVERSIADE GAMES: gold (men’s water polo team); LONG COURSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 16; OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 11; U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (200m butterfly); NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (200y butterfly) bronze (100y butterfly)

Jon Sieben set the world record with a blistering 1:57.04 in the 200m butterfly, winning the event in the major upset of the 1984 Olympic Games. The record stood for 11 months until Michael Gross of Germany regained it in 1985. Swimming as a NCAA swimmer, he competed for the University of Alabama under Coach Don Gambril, but Laurie Lawrence was his coach at the Olympic Games, as he competed for Australia. He competed in three Olympic Games, the first time since Dawn Fraser had participated in three Olympic Games in 1956, 1960 and 1964.

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