Happy Birthday Ted Stickles – Honor Swimmer 1995

The information on this page was written the year of their induction.

FOR THE RECORD:  4 WORLD RECORDS: 400m individual medley; 8 U.S. NATIONAL AAU CHAMPIONSHIPS: 200m individual medley, 400m individual medley.

Ted Stickles swam with Doc Councilman’s legendary Indiana University swim team from 1962-1965.  At on point during his career, he and his roommate, Hall of Famer Chet Jastremski, held a total of seven world records.  Ted dominated the individual medley throughout the early ’60s, breaking a total of nine world records throughout his career.

His mother taught him to swim at an early age, but it was not until he entered high school that Ted began competitive swimming.  After enjoying a successful high school career, Hall of Famer Doc Councilman recruited him to his IU team.

At first, Ted felt that Doc had made a mistake in his recruitment, but before long, he surprised himself and began to break unforgettable records.  Ted was one of the first people to actually train for the individual medley events.  Ted’s ease in moving from one stroke to another and fluidity without breaking stroke helped him be the first person to break two minutes in the 200 yard individual medley and five minutes in the 400 meter individual medley.  For a span of three years, Ted  Stickles held all of the world records in the individual medley events.

At the height of his career, he developed tendonitis in his elbow, hindering his ability to train.  Yet Ted continued to swim and barely missed making the ’64 Olympic team.  This was a disappointment because his sister, Terri Stickles, made the team; they would have been the first brother and sister to make an Olympic team.

Ted went on to coach swimming for the University of Illinois and Louisiana State University.  Presently, he resides in Louisiana with his wife and two children and is event management director for all athletic functions at Louisiana State University.

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