Happy Birthday Longtime Friend of ISHOF, Honor DiverGiorgio Cagnotto

Giorgio Cagnotto (ITA)

Honor Diver (1992)

The information on this page was written the year of their induction.

FOR THE RECORD: OLYMPIC GAMES: 1964, 1968 Olympic team member; 1972 silver (3m springboard), bronze (10m platform); 1976 silver (3m springboard); 1980 bronze (3m springboard); WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: 1978 bronze (3m springboard); FINA CUP: 1979 (3m springboard); EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: 1966 bronze (3m springboard); 1970 gold (3m springboard), bronze (10m platform); 1974 silver (3m springboard); 1977 silver (3m springboard); EUROPEAN DIVING CUPS: 1967 gold (3m springboard); 1969 gold (10m platform); 1975 gold (3m springboard); 1976 gold (3m springboard). on both the 1-meter and 3-meter boards.  He is the producer of the prize-winning documentary, “Hobie’s Heroes”.  Hobie’s greatest pride is in the fact that there are more diving coaches in the high school and college ranks in the U.S. that have graduated from Indiana University under his tutelage than from any other university.

Italy’s Giorgio Cagnotto was one of the world’s most prolific divers during the 1960s and 1970s.  At the age of eight, he began to train with this uncle, professional diver Lino Quattrrini.  Just eight years later he found himself competing in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, kicking off an Olympic career of epic proportion.

Cagnotto’s Olympic appearances spanned three decades, competing in five consecutive Olympic Games.  He was best off the springboard, but medaled in the platform as well. After Tokyo, he competed in Mexico City in 1968, but it was during his third Olympic effort in the ’72 Munich Games that he earned a silver medal for his performance on the springboard and a bronze in the platform competition.  At the 1976 Montreal Games, he won his third Olympic medal– a silver in the springboard competition.  He retired at the age of thirty-two after earning his fourth Olympic medal at the 1980 Moscow Games where Cagnotto again medaled in the springboard competition, taking the bronze.

Giorgio was competing at a time when diving competition was dominated by fellow countryman Klaus Dibiasi, the only diver to win gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games.  Giorgio was as far in advance of the rest of the sport as Klaus was of him.  Between them, the red, white, and green Italian flag was raised many times in international competition.  Holder of two gold, two silver, and two bronze European Cup Championships and a medal winner in every European championship from 1966 through 1977, Cagnotto won eight outdoor and twelve indoor Italian National Championships.

Both Cagnotto and Dibiasi were coached by Papa Dibiasi, a former Italian National Champion with a long career in the sport. Papa retired just in time so as not to be competing against his son and Cagnotto.  The only medal winner to dive in five consecutive Olympic Games, Giorgio Cagnotto is presently the Italian National Team Coach and the Federal Technical Director of Diving, living in Bolzano, Italy, with his wife.  Giorgio Cagnotto is a true legend representing excellence and longevity in a sport demanding commitment, style and grace.

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