Drowning: The Ripple Effect – A Documentary

The Every Child A Swimmer Program Manager, Casey McGovern helped produce the documentary, “Drowning: The Ripple Effect”, while sharing her own touching story. “Every Child A Swimmer” was originally started in the 1960’s by Judge G. Harold Martin, one of the founding Fathers of ISHOF, and supported by the Kiwanis Club for many years. The Judge, as he was commonly referred to my his many friends, had a near drowning experience when he was a boy, and was the reason he came up with his spiritual mission: Every Child A Swimmer. It was also the reason the got involved with the Swimming Hall of Fame in the beginning. In 2019, Judge Martin’s family and the Kiwanis gifted the ECAS trademark and website to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Under the leadership of ISHOF Chairman Dr. Bill Kent, he and McGovern have already done amazing things in the short time they have been in charge.

Casey works tirelessly, whether she is trying to get legislation passed, speaking to a group of aquatic related individuals or pool owners, or simply just out spreading the word about lessons for children. Her mission is simple: to make sure that not one more child drowns.

To visit the Every Child A Swimmer website, click below on the word “home”

Every Child A Swimmer

If you would like to contact Casey McGovern or have questions about Every Child A Swimmer, you may contact her at: Email: cmcgovern@teamhorner.com / Web www.everychildaswimmer.org

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