Blind Vision, by IMSHOF Honoree, James Pittar

James Pittar IMSHOF, International Marathon Honor Swimmer has just published a book, called “Blind Vision” read about it below.

Blind Vision – A blind man’s courage in the face of loss, triumph and love.

When 10-year-old James Pittar started having trouble seeing at night he could never have predicted that within a decade, his vision would be all but gone. For a kid that dreamed of representing his country, it was a hard blow. And for most people, it would have spelled the end of that dream. But not for James.

Just a few months shy of his thirtieth birthday, James did what no blind person has ever done before – he swam the English Channel. It signalled a shift in his mindset – from that point onwards, he would never think of himself as the underdog. He would learn that disability is only a barrier if you let it be.

James is incredibly generous in sharing his experiences and emotions, and it’s hard not to be drawn in as he takes us on a personal journey through his childhood, the loss of vision in his teens, the decision not to let it define him, and his continual dedication to growth and self-improvement throughout his life. 

Blind Vision is a fascinating account of a unique and inspiring career in open-water swimming. But more than that, it is a story for anyone that’s ever been told they can’t. James Pittar is living proof that no matter what the odds, with dedication, passion, and the right people around you, you can.

To purchase the book, click here:

To read more about Pittar and his IMSHOF Bio, visit:

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