Bernard Freyberg: Swimmer Recognized As One Of British Military’s Greatest Heroes

By Bruce Wigo

Bernard Freyberg, a New Zealander who distinguished himself both in swimming and in war, used his expertise in swimming to perform one of the most heroic acts of World War I.

Challenges. Everyone experiences them. They are, after all, an important part of life. But people react very differently to the challenges with which they are confronted.

Some people do everything they possibly can to avoid having to respond to life’s challenges. They try to blend in with the scenery, making themselves as inconspicuous as possible in the hope that no one will see them and force them to react. Other folks take a sort of neutral approach: they don’t go seeking challenges, but when confronted by them, respond as best they can.

But there’s another, much smaller group of people who actively seek out challenges, who choose to do battle against other individuals, institutions, the natural elements or simply the state of civilization. These people look for challenges by which to test themselves.

Such a man was Bernard Freyberg.

To read more about Bernard Freyberg and his feats of heroism in the water,
check out the November issue of Swimming World, out now!

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