Al Schoenfield was editor and publisher of Swimming World and Swimming Technique magazines (1960-1977) and served on various international committees for swimming including the FINA Technical Swimming Committee (1980-1984).

Al’s life was a commitment to swimming.  He participated in its administrative structure and spread its stories through his magazines and promotions. Al died on April 19, 2005, but his legacy will forever endure to all who have benefited from his lifetime of service to swimming.

Wayne Goldsmith


Wayne Goldsmith has made contributions to the sport of swimming globally for over 30 years.

Peter Bick (USA)


Peter H. Bick, Ph.D. specializes in sports, nature and event photography.

Bob Ingram (USA)


Bob Ingram is senior editor of Swimming World Magazine. He has been involved in aquatics for nearly half a century (46 years)

Richard “Dick” Deal (USA)


Deal revamped Swimming World magazine by adding multiple photographs, influential articles on swimming technique, training, conditioning and event coverage.

Pedro Adrega


With a Journalism degree from the New University of Lisbon, Pedro Adrega began his career in the media, working for the sports daily newspaper Record.

Tamás Gyárfás


For nearly 40 years, Tamás Gyárfás has been a professional journalist writer, author, publisher, television producer, volunteer and sport administrator.

Heinz Kluetmeier


For more than three decades, Heinz Kluetmeier's pictures have virtually defined what great sports photography is all about.

Phil Whitten


Phil Whitten was the face of swimming world magazine, as its Editor in Chief for over 15 years.

Rowdy Gaines (USA)


Today, Rowdy is often referred to as “Swimmings’ Greatest Ambassador” and is known as the “voice of swimming.”

Craig Lord


Since 1989, Craig Lord has covered every Olympic Games, World Championship and European Championship as a Swimming Correspondent for The Times and Sunday Times of London, England.

Bud Greenspan


When the world thinks of the Olympic Games and sports hero’s documentaries, it thinks of Bud Greenspan and Cappy Productions.

Nick Thierry


For 47 years, Nick Thierry has been writing about swimming. The days when he is not writing, he is accumulating all the statistics of swims around the world, to present to international media sources, in the quest to keep up with the statistics of the sport.

Camillo Cametti


For over 30 years, Camillo Cametti has been writing about sport. To Camillo, a sportsman, it comes naturally.

Francois Oppenheim


During his lifetime he attended most all the major swimming competitions of the world and was a noted French journalist as well as a regular contributor to the French press.

Diana Nyad


Over the past twenty years, Diana has earned a reputation as a riveting speaker. She combines her talent for dramatic storytelling with a natural sense of humor and a charismatic stage presence.

Donna De Varona


A barrier breaker all her life, Donna began making waves at 13 years of age when she became the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic Team at the Olympic Games of 1960.

Sharon Robb


Jean Pierre Lacour


Eric Lahmy


Frank Litsky


Frank Litsky has been a sports writer and editor for The New York Times for 40 years and for United Press (before it became United Press International) for the 11½ years before that.

Jim McKay


For nearly 50 years, Jim McKay has been one of televisions outstanding commentators known for his coverage of sports and particularly the Olympic Games.

Arlie Schardi