Aquatic Complex Update – Dive Well Floor – First Pour

ISHOF / Aquatic Complex Update – August 7, 2020

From: Laura Voet <>

Subject: FLAC Update: Dive Well Floor – First Pour! Whoo Hoo

Date: August 7, 2020 at 1:13:48 PM EDT

Hi.  I can’t believe it is already August.  We’ve already had one hurricane, glad it scooted by as a tropical storm.  Whew.

No further updates on high school sports in Florida, there are several adjusted season options that are being discussed.  Right now they have an August 24 start date for swimming.  Broward Schools still have a start date of August 19. 

The Florida Gold Coast Officials had a Zoom meeting this week, we discussed new protocols and how teams are running meets, including the status of high school officiating.

Construction is moving along.  The first concrete placement for the Dive Well was Tuesday, August 4!  Whoo Hoo!!  The Main competition pool foundation and plumbing is complete too.

Hensel Phelps took drone videos, I’ll send them when they become available.

DIVE WELL FLOOR – August 4, 2020

Start:  5:00 AM

End:  9:30 AM

Trucks: 36

Concrete: 355 yards


  • CONCRETE:  The next large concrete pour will be the week before the Labor Day holiday – Dive Well Walls
  • SHEET PILES:  Hensel Phelps is tracking to mobilize the steel sheet pile contractor on August 17 to begin removing the steel sheet piles from the Main Competition Pool as the concrete is cured and pool plumbing is set.  Once the dive well walls are poured and cured, those sheet pile will be removed as well.  Timeframe:   August 17-October 2;  8am to 5pm Monday – Friday.

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