A Special Good Bye and Thank you to long time ISHOF employee, Laurie Marchwinski

The International Swimming Hall of Fame would like to take this opportunity to say good bye and thank you to Laurie Marchwinksi, for her 43 years of dedicated service to ISHOF. Laurie started at ISHOF as an 18 year old, part-time employee, when she first moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1980. She eventually worked her way up to Chief Operating Officer, put in charge by Brent Rutemiller, during Covid, while he was stuck in Arizona and unable to travel to Ft. Lauderdale as CEO.

During that time, and not having any background in these areas, Laurie put a small team together that researched, organized, and finally catalogued all of the 55+ years of ISHOF memorabilia, which we had been trying to do for years. She also is the one, who led the way in getting the entire back (original) West Museum organized, packed up, and eventually moved to our new climate controlled storage unit located off site, in time for the demolition of the building. It was a 2+ year process. This was probably one of her greatest contributions of her 43 years at ISHOF, but there were many others; too many to list.

We want to thank Laurie for all that she has done for ISHOF, giving her many years of service. We truly appreciate you. Thank you Laurie! We wish you good luck and success in the future. You will be missed.

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