FORT LAUDERDALE – The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) today announced that Beatriz Esesarte Pesqueira will be the 2013 recipient of the Virginia Hunt Newman International Award.  Sponsored by Kiefer, a company that has been devoted to teaching swimmers of all skill levels since its founding in 1947 by Hall of Fame swimming great, Adolph Kiefer, this award annually recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions in the field of infant and young child swimming instruction in the name of the “Mother of Infant Swimming,” Virginia Hunt Newman.  The award will be presented on Friday evening, May 10th during the Paragon Awards Night at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. 

“Adolph Kiefer and Associates is extremely proud to support the International Swimming Hall of Fame and this award,” said Al Irzyk, Kiefer’s President. “Associating our founder’s name with Virginia Hunt Newman, is another way for our company to support swimming and share our company’s legacy with future generations.”

In 1997 Beatriz was the lead organizer of the 4th World Congress of Baby Aquatic Education attended by 450 professionals from 23 countries, with presentations by 26 leaders in the field of baby and child psychomotor development in aquatics. Since then, she has focused on studying    and sharing information and knowledge with other professionals as a featured speaker at many conferences and workshops in numerous countries through the reach of the World Aquatic Babies & Children Network including bringing that knowledge to her beloved country and her city of Oaxaca.

Beatriz Esesarte Pesqueira is a Mexican educator who specializes in the role of aquatics in psychomotor development.  She is the founder and general director of Acuarela Natación Formativa in Oaxaca, México (Acuarela). Acuarela first gained attention as a result of Beatriz’s social work, in which she invited some of Oaxaca’s homeless and abandoned children – street children — to experience water and take swim lessons. In just one year, these children reduced by 75% their use of prescription and non-prescription medications to treat various ailments.   She presented her findings at the 2nd World Aquatic Babies Congress (WABC) in Los Angeles, California in 1993, and about her social commitment to providing access to swim lessons to children from all economic backgrounds, and not only to the privileged members of society. 

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About Virginia Hunt Newman

Virginia Hunt Newman has been called “The Mother of Infant Swimming.” She pioneered and focused worldwide attention on the non-forceful, non-traumatic method of teaching infants and preschool-age children to swim, earning great respect as an innovator in the field. Her first book, Teaching an Infant to Swim, published in 1967 was a bestseller published in England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Japan. Her method of teaching swimming by distracting children from normal fears associated with learning has been emulated by thousands of instructors around the world.


About Adolph Kiefer & Associates

Gold medalist Olympic swimmer Adolph Kiefer founded Adolph Kiefer & Associates in 1947. As the official aquatics supplier to the 1948 U.S. Olympic Swim Team, the company introduced the first nylon swimsuit as a lightweight alternative to wool and cotton suits and a cost alternative to the silk suits of the time. Since then, Kiefer has provided the swim community with many innovative aquatic performance and safety products including the original Wave Eater racing lane, fully customizable starting blocks, lifeguard equipment and apparel, and a complete line of competitive swimsuits and swim goggles. Although now retired, Mr. Kiefer continues to dedicate his life to helping swimmers of all ages and abilities.



The International Hall of Fame, established in 1965, is a not-for-profit educational organization located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Its mission is to promote the benefits and importance of swimming as a key to fitness, good health, quality of life, and the water safety of all adults and children.  It accomplishes this through operation of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, a dynamic shrine dedicated to the history, memory, and recognition of the famous swimmers, divers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers and people involved in life saving activities and education whose lives and accomplishments inspire, educate, and provide role models for people around the world.

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