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Gold Medallion


William E. Simon


William E. Simon has traveled full circle form a swimmer to the world of finance, politics, sports administrator and for the moment, back to his beginnings in swimming.


We know him as "Mr. Success" at everything in business and finance, energy czar during the oil crisis, Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Ford and Nixon, inspiring lecturer and best selling author.  Most recently he has been the Chairman of the U.S. Olympic Committee during its unprecedented term of athletic, artistic and financial success.


Bill Simon obviously is remembered by others for more important things than his swimming, but like so many of swimming's "over-the-hill gang," he is proud of his sports heritage and enjoys his colleagues amazement that he once was "one hell of an athlete!"


Now into horses (he is part owner of the Pompano Harness Track), he once was a Sea Girt lifeguard on the Jersey shore.  He was also star prep school swimmer at the Blair Academy -- the perennial New Jersey State Champions and an Eastern Interscholastic contender.  He was co-captain of the 25th Division Swimming Team and competed successfully in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle races and relays in the All Japan Meet in 1947.  When he came back from the Pacific, veteran Simon graduated from Lafayette College (too busy to swim).


He jumped into the deep end of the financial world in 1952.  From then on, it was non-stop.  All we can add is "Welcome back to the pool, Bill Simon" as we honor his past swimming achievements with our highest recognition, the International Swimming Hall o f  Fame's Gold Medallion Award.

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