Paragon Awards                           Presented By

Wally James

Chairman, WWA Safety Committee

2014 Paragon Award / Recreational Swimming


Wally James has been one of the most prolific aquatic industry volunteers of the last 30 years and by anyone’s definition is the perfect example of a “waterpark safety professional.” He has been engaged in the business of safety in the leisure and more conventional industries since the early 1960’s. His training and experience extend from the advent of OSHA, and its industrial development, and the early issues involving snow-ski bindings, through the many steps of evolution in the leisure industries. He was the first President of the WWA, and has led the development of APSP, an ASTM standards for special use pools. He has been a steward in waterpark safety, and has written a book about the development of safety standards for the waterpark industry, as well as numerous papers and articles in most industry publications regarding waterpark safety and operations. He is known as an inveterate trainer and teacher.


Wally has presented numerous seminars for AIMS, WWA and IAAPA, to name a few, and has spent countless hours on ASTM, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), chairing the “APSP-9 Standard”, and now serves on the technical committee for the International Code Council (ICC). He has been the chair of the WWA Safety Committee since its inception, and was instrumental in developing the landmark publication “WWA Considerations for Operating Safety and Waterpark Signs”. He is known as a no-nonsense expert, and operates his own safety consulting business. His influence toward safety within the waterpark industry has helped to create a safer environment for all those involved and all those who enjoy waterparks.


In 2012, James was awarded the coveted “George Millay Waterpark Award” by AIMS, the first time the award was given to an individual who has made “significant contributions to water ride and waterpark safety.” Wally was recognized for his years of exemplary service in the field or waterpark safety.


James is President of his consulting business, Con-Serv Associations, Inc., specializing in the areas of engineering, administration, risk management, maintenance, construction and operations. Wally performs safety inspections, consultation and lawsuit defense for a variety of amusement park clients, including a large number of family entertainment centers.

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