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Tom Griffiths, Ed.D, Director of Aquatics Penn State University

2008 Paragon Award / Recreational Swimming


Tom Griffiths, Ed.D. is one of the most prolific aquatic safety authors in America.


His major textbooks include, Sport Scuba Diving, in Depth, I & II, (Princeton Book Company 1983, 1990), The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, I & II (Sagamore Publishing, 1994, 2003), The Swimming Pool (Simon & Schuster, 1995), Better Beaches (NRPA 1999).


In addition to his books he has published more than 300 articles in a wide variety of publications including the “NYTimes”.


During the mid-‘90’s he spent more than five years collecting data from more than 10,000 working lifeguards through his National Lifeguard survey. His findings led to the development of the Five Minute Scanning Strategy which has been adopted by thousands of lifeguards world-wide.  Dr. Griffiths Scanning Strategy also led to the development of Griff’s Guard Stations which promote vigilance.  He has received numerous awards for his efforts in aquatic safety including NRPA’s “Distinguished Aquatic Professional”, the European Lifeguard Academy’s “Friend of the Academy,” and Aquatics International’s “Who’s Who in Aquatics.”

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