The Countdown to the XXXIII Olympiad is on! Only six months from today until the Open Ceremonies! (January 26)

The XXXIII Olympiad is only six months away !!! July 26th marks Day One and the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Paris, France.

The countdown to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris has officially begun, as July 26 marks six months until the Opening Ceremony. The Games of the XXXIII Olympiad will be like no other; it will have been a much shorter three year period, rather than the typical four year duration since the last Games in Tokyo were delayed a year, due to the pandemic.

Also for the first time, the 33-event swimming competition will take place over a nine day period, an increase of one day in the program. The swimming program will begin on Day one of competition, July 27 and run through 4 August at La Defense Arena in the Nanterre area of Paris.

Selection for Swimming for Team USA will be held for the first time ever in Indianapolis, Indiana, June 15-23, 2024.

For the first time ever, the event will be staged on a football field, as Lucas Oil Stadium is planning to host the Olympic Trials in front of crowds of expected hundreds of thousands over a nine day period. 

“From day one, I truly believed that there was no bigger, more exciting, everything-on-the-line Olympic event in this country than the Swimming Trials and envisioned the heights that we could take it to,” USA Swimming President & CEO Tim Hinchey III said. “Given their track record, we are incredibly confident and excited in Indianapolis’ ability to conduct a technically flawless competition and to stage a world-class event. We are also proud of Indiana Sports Corp’s commitment to partnering with us in giving back to the local community and leaving a legacy far beyond our nine-day meet.”

Selection for Team USA Diving will be held for the first time ever in Knoxville at the University of Tennesee in June. The dates will be coming soon.

The sport of Diving will take place at the Olympic Games, July 27-August 10;

Artistic Swimming at the Olympic Games will be held 5th August through the 10th and Water Polo will be 5-11 of August.

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