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The ISHOF Safer Swimmer Testimonials


SSD I am excited about this product. I am an avid triathlete and am always a bit anxious about my visibility to boats when swimming in the lake at my cottage. In fact, a woman in the area was just hit by a boat while swimming last week.  Her leg was severely damaged by the propellor butni shudder to think at how much worse it could have been.


Thank you,

Katy S

Thanks again for developing the Swim Safety Device. It has changed my life!


I know I’m not supposed to, but I do swim solo sometimes. Although I swim by myself as safely as possible (closer to shore, along the stretch of beach where the most lifeguards are, carrying ID, letting my husband know when, where and how far, etc.) I feel much safer with the SSD.


Although swimming conditions here in Cayman are nearly ideal, one can never be too careful where boats and sudden weather changes are concerned.


I can tell that I am more visible by the number of people I see on shore who are stopped, staring, and pointing at me. No one ever did this in all the years I’ve been swimming here, so I know it’s the SSD they are seeing.


It is so easy to use and marvelously light weight – I don’t even notice it anymore. In fact, I don’t feel right without it, I’ve become so accustomed to it, like the seat belt in my car, or my wristwatch.


I use it even when swimming with large groups – it makes all of us more visible and brings attention to the boaters that we are out there in the water sharing space with them. The other swimmers also like it because they can spot me more easily – whether I’m ahead or behind they seem to like being able to spot the orange float.


My husband is much happier too – he feels much better knowing that I am more visible. In fact, he asks less and less who I am swimming with and asks instead whether I’m taking the float.


I carry my ID in it and also tote a towel and sunglasses, occasionally water for longer swims.


A friend had a concerning incident recently when a swimmer new to the island got stung by jellyfish on a 1-mile training swim. She panicked and had to be taken to the hospital ultimately. When my friend saw my SSD she said it would have been perfect in that situation to assist the panicked swimmer in coming to shore. She ordered 3 of them right away. Frank Flowers of the Flowers Sea Swim is also planning to order one.


I’ll speak with one of our water sports operators here about being a distributor. The more swimmers wearing them in our waters the better for all of us!


Best of luck with marketing and selling and thanks once again for a brilliant product. Kind regards,

Kate Alexander

Cayman Islands

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