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The Annual Paragon Awards, sponsored by Pentair Aquatic Systems,  are presented for outstanding contributions to: Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, Competitive Diving, Aquatic Safety, Synchronized Swimming and Recreational Swimming.

Sue Johnson

Chief Recorder & Scoring Chair,

Olympic Games/FINA World Championships

2013 Paragon Award / Synchronized Swimming

Sue Johnson (USA) is being recognized for synchronized swimming as having been the Chief Recorder and Scoring Chairperson for synchronized swimming in six Olympic Games; four FINA World Championships; three FINA World Cups; five FINA World Masters Championships; four Pan American Games; four USA Olympic Trials; six American Cup Championships; one Goodwill Game and several National Synchronized Swimming Championships (1975 to 1988 and 2005 to present).

She was the Chief Recorder and Scoring Chairperson at the Olympic Games in 1984 - Los Angeles, 1996 – Atlanta, 2000 – Sydney, 2004 – Athens, 2008 – Beijing and 2012 – London. She was Head Recorder of the World FINA Championships in 1998 – Perth, 2003 - Barcelona, 2005 - Montreal and 2007 – Melbourne. She was Chief Recorder at the FINA Masters World Championships in 2002 – Indianapolis, 2002 – Christchurch, 2006 – Stanford University, 2008 – Perth and 2010 – Gothenburg. She oversaw three FINA World Cups in 1985 – Indianapolis, 1995 – Atlanta and 2006 – Yokohama. She was the Head Recorder at the Pan American Games of 1983 – Caracas, 1987 – Indianapolis, 2007 – Rio de Janerio and 2011 – Guadalajara and the Goodwill Game in 1990 – Seattle.


She has scored four U.S. Olympic Trials, six American Cup competitions and U.S. Synchronized Swimming 1975 to 1988 and from 2005 to the present.


She was Chief of the FINA Synchronized Trophy Meets of 2007 - Rio de Janeiro and of 2012 – Mexico City, the FINA Junior Worlds of 2010 - Indianapolis and the Brazil Open of 2010.


With IBM, Sue developed scoring programs, created scoring forms for the FINA Handbook and developed a section “scoring resource” for the USA Synchronized Swimming website. She was a FINA presenter at the 2002 Chief Recorder Clinic in Dallas.


Sue received the FINA Certificate of Merit in 2005 and was a contributor to the Synchronized Swimming Hall of Fame in 1991.


Sue has also been very involved with volunteering for professional golf tournaments. She has been in charge of “Scoring Central” and helps with scoring volunteer training for all USGA events (U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, U.S. Women’s Open) from 1996 to the present. In addition, she has been Scoring Chair for several PGA tour events.


Sue is a teacher of mathematics at a school in Ohio and was named “Elementary Classroom Teacher” for the NE District in Ohio in 1992. In 1993, she was named Math Teacher of the Year, West District in Cleveland.

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