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The Annual Paragon Awards, sponsored by Pentair Aquatic Systems,  are presented for outstanding contributions to: Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, Competitive Diving, Aquatic Safety, Synchronized Swimming and Recreational Swimming.

Steven Becker (USA)

2010 Paragon Award – Recreational Swimming

As Director of Health and Wellness Services for the Jewish Community Center Association of North America, Steven Becker serves as a resource for more than three hundred and fifty JCC, YM-YWHA and camp sites in the United States and Canada. Becker provides the guidance to help develop personnel to programmatically as well as professionally to become the aquatic leaders with in their communities.


Steve has partnered with aquatic insurance experts, The Redwoods Group, to provide risk management training jointly for JCCs and YMHAs in order to help both organizations create a safer aquatic environment and culture.

rior to working with the JCC Association, Steve was the fitness and aquatics director at the Marcus JCC of Atlanta,

Georgia for four years, and the Westside JCC in Los Angeles, California for fifteen years. In LA, he was the high school swim coach for four-time Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg, as well as coach of the U.S. Junior Swim Team

in the Pan-Am Maccabi and the World Maccabi Games. He is currently working with Krayzelburg to implement a

revolutionary new learn-to-swim method for JCCs in the US and Canada to help those JCCs provide a unique niche in

the aquatic community.


As a Masters swimmer, Steven won his age group for the 2006 Alcatraz Challenge, which included a one and a half mile swim from Alcatraz to Chrissie Field. He is a graduate of UCLA, with a teaching credential in Education.

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