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Tian Liang
Tian Liang (CHN), 2012 Honor Diver

September Honoree Birthdays

1-Charlotte Epstein* - read bio
2-Ernst Hoppenberg* - read bio
4- Dawn Fraser - read bio
5- Eldon Godfrey - read bio
6- Mickey Riley* - read bio
6- Billy Rose* - read bio
7- Gao Min - read bio
7- Tetsuo Hamuro* - read bio
7- Monte Nitzkowski* - read bio
10- Carlo Silipo - read bio
11- Frank Kurtz* - read bio
11- Emil Rausch* - read bio
13- Jimmy McLane - read bio
13- Miho Takada - read bio
15-Tom Dolan - read bio
16-Hiroshin Furuhashi* - read bio
16-Karen Muir - read bio
17- Harrison Glancy* - read bio
17-Larry Griswold* - read bio
18- Howard Firby* - read bio
20- Shiro Hashizume - read bio
21- Stubby Kruger* - read bio
22-Fritz Gunst* - read bio
24- Claire Galligan* - read bio
26- Gary Hall, Jr. - read bio
26- Lenore Kight Wingard* - read bio
26- Dick Roth - read bio
27- Tian Liang - read bio
27- Caren Metschuck - read bio
28-Lenny Krayzelburg - read bio
28- Joe Ruddy* - read bio
28- Debbie Watson - read bio

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please e-mail meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!
* = Deceased

Felix Grossman is One in a Thousand
"It is a great honor for me to be a MISHOF Inductee and I am proud to play whatever small role I can in securing its future." Felix Grossman, Masters Diving Honoree
 Felix Grossman is One in a Thousand

When asked why he wanted to join the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s One in A Thousand Club, Grossman had a story he wanted to share: “My journey to ISHOF began in 1987. Bob Muir was my diving coach at Williams College, Williamstown, MA, from 1952 to 1956. He was also to be named as the head coach of the USA Olympic Swim Team for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the only small college coach ever to be so honored. In 1956 I placed 15th in the 1-meter and 17th in the 3-meter diving at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (no divisions back then; it was just after fire was invented) and took 29th out of approximately 70 springboard divers at the Olympic Trials in Detroit that Summer. Obviously, I was not an elite diver, except in the minds of my folks.  Read the rest of Felix's story here.

Read More about Felix Grossman

One in a Thousand Members

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Bill Spahan
Bob Steele
Bruce Johansson
Bruce Wigo
Carol Fitzsimmons
Craig Lord
David Marsh
Denise Israels
Dr. Cathy Ferguson
Felix Grossman
Frank Keefe
Guilherme Ferreira
Heather Wray
Jack Geoghegan
Jane Asher
Janice Rude
Jill White
Joe Turner
John Prevar
Karney McNear
Katerina Prieto
Levy Gerzberg
Mara Garton

Marcia Meiners
Mark Hesse
Mel Goldstein
Michael Randazzo
Nicolas Granger
Paul Battenberg
Rebecca Dobier
Rich Burns
Sandra Bucha
Sandra Nitta
Scott Salomon
Sid Cassidy
Stathis Avramidis
Steve Lundquist
Sue Baker
Suzette Osborn
Taylor Brien
Tobias Boedeker
Tom Boak
Tom Gompf
Tracy Grilli
Tyler Magarity
Wayne Goldsmith
ISHOF 2021 Induction Ceremony
 You're Invited!
Induction Ceremony Weekend
April 16-17, 2021

The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is inviting the entire aquatics community back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 16-17, 2021 to celebrate the belated induction of its Class of 2020 Honorees, Paragon Award winners, and ISHOF recognitions.  Rowdy Gaines and Debbie Meyer will be the Co-Emcees for the event. 

Expanding on ISHOF’s 2021 calendar, the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame will be held in conjunction with next year’s 2021 United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Atlanta, Georgia on September 24, 2021.  The names of those Honorees will be forthcoming early next year.


Debbie Meyer and Rowdy Gaines
Read More
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Andy Burke, 91
 Passages: Andy Burke,
Devoted US Water Polo Administrator, 91

Andy Burke, a long-time administrator for water polo who served on numerous U.S. and international committees, passed away last Friday at the age of 91.
For his efforts on behalf of American water polo, in 2018 Burke was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) for his substantial contributions to the sport.

See Andy's Induction video: [Andy Burke 2018  induction to ISHOF]

A long-time member of The Olympic Club in San Francisco, Burke recently became one of a handful of members to have earned a 75th anniversary membership pin. An unbridled supporter of the club’s master’s water polo program, for more than half a century he was likely to be found anywhere polo was being played, especially when it came to his beloved OC.


Read More About Andy Burke
Martin Zubero breaks the 200m backstroke record at the ISHOF pool.
Martin Zubero at the Hall of Fame pool as he sets the 200m backstroke record.
Three World Records Fall at ISHOF Aquatic Complex on this Day in History, August 11th

In 1991, the International Swimming Hall of Fame Aquatic Complex played host to the Phillips 66 U.S. Summer Nationals in Fort Lauderdale.  

On this day, August 13, 1991, two World Records were broken at ISHOF.  The first was broken by ISHOF Honoree Martin Zubero in the 200m backstroke in a new world record time of 1:57.30, breaking, the record of ISHOF Honor Swimmer, Igor Polyansky, of the Soviet Union in a time of 1:58.14. 

The second World Record to fall that day was the 200 breaststroke, and another ISHOF Honor Swimmer would be the lucky guy!  Mike Barrowman broke the 200m breaststroke in a time of 2:10.60, breaking his own record of 2:11.23, he has set earlier that year in Perth, Australia.

Read more about Natalie Coughlin's record in the 100m backstroke.
Honor Diver Vicki Draves is the Google Doodle
ISHOF Honoree Vicki Draves makes Google Doodle

On August 3rd, 2020,  Google Doodle launched a Doodle celebrating ISHOF Honor Diver and friend, Filipino American diver and coach Victoria “Vicki” Draves, the first Asian American woman to win an Olympic medal. On this day in 1948, Draves won the gold medal in the women’s 3-meter springboard event at the London Summer Olympics.

See the Google Doodle of Vicki Draves
Read More about Vicki Draves
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