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ISHOF Aquatic Complex Update

The jobsite was closed for Labor Day, however the Hensel Phelps team has been working hard all summer building new pools for the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

Next week we will see the concrete poured for the dive well walls, this work will take between 8-10 hours and includes an estimated 500 cubic yards of concrete.

A new exfiltration trench is being excavated on the north side of the property down the parking lot, electrical and plumbing work is going in for the pool filtration systems.

Work continues on the north side building foundations and utilities.

Design work continues on the27M dive tower and south locker room building.  Demolition for the south building is estimated to start the beginning of next year, 2021.


The Diving Well has seen a lot of work over the summer.

June 10: Tremie Seal – Lower Floor foundation = 1,197 cys, 136 trucks of concrete

August 4:  Dive Well Floor = 355 cys, 36 trucks

September 11:  Dive Well Walls = Estimating 500 cys, first 80 cyc will be a Xypex waterproofing mix

The foundations are completed in one continuous pour with the cement trucks arriving within the shortest interval as possible from Port Everglades.
After the floor foundations were poured, the work on the walls was next.  The yellow plastic is to protect the sheet piles. The sheet piles will be removed after the concrete has set.

Main Competition Pool

Most of the sheet piles have been removed around the 50M pool and plumbing work continues for the filtration system.

June 18:  Floor = 620cys, 68 trucks

July 2 & 9:  Walls =  Combined 165 cys of concrete

Pool plumbing between main competition pool and training pool
Pool plumbing to Surge Tank and Training Pool
Dive well steel structure and form boards

Prior Construction Updates
In Case You Missed It

The Hall of Fame peninsula in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
August 7th Update:
The first concrete placement for the Dive Well was Tuesday, August 4! The Main competition pool foundation and plumbing is complete too. 

Dive Well Floor was completed on August 4, 2020

  • Start time:  5:00 AM
  • End time:  9:30 AM
  • Trucks: 36
  • Concrete: 355 yards


Construction Timeline

  • Concrete:  The next large concrete pour will be the week before the Labor Day holiday for the Dive Well walls
  • Sheet Piles:  Hensel Phelps is tracking to mobilize the steel sheet pile contractor on August 17 to begin removing the steel sheet piles from the Main Competition Pool as the concrete is cured and pool plumbing is set.  Once the dive well walls are poured and cured, those sheet pile will be removed as well.  
    • Timeframe:   August 17-October 2;  8am to 5pm Monday – Friday.
Read the August 7th update on the ISHOF blog.
August 13th Update:
During the week of September 4th, there will be an estimated 10-hour concrete pour to replace the dive pool walls in one continuous pour.  Estimated start time 3:00 AM to miss the afternoon lightning and rain storms that come with working in late August/early September.  

Hensel Phelps is still tracking to mobilize the steel sheet pile contractor on 8.17.2020 to begin removing the steel sheet pile from the Competition Pool now that the concrete is cured and pool piping installed. The over all goal is to have the steel sheet piles removed and off site before FLIBS starts to mobilize in early October 2020. The over all goal is to have the steel sheet piles removed and off site before the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show starts to mobilize in early October 2020.

Read the August 13th Update on the ISHOF blog. 

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2020 September Newsletter - Construction Update

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