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The Henning Library and Archive

The Henning Collection includes a wide variety of original scrapbooks from honorees and fans.


These resources range from the early 1900's to the present.

Amateur Athletic Union Championships 1970

Bathing Suits 1915

Bevins, Blanche (Albert) 1939-1951

Boelsems, Paula (Men are like birds, a collection of articles about divers)

Boyle, Charlotte

Brandsten, Ernest

Brown, Kathryn

Browning, Skippy

Cahn, Teddy

Cady, Fred - 2 books

Central Brooklyn Swim Club

Crabbe, Clarence "Buster"

Darby, Thelma

Duenkel, Virginia

Finney, Claire

Flanagan, Ralph

Fletcher, Jennie

Gardy, Ben

Gleissner, Henry

Griswold, Larry

Handy, Jamison

Haplin, Elizabeth Ryan

Hart, Whitey

High School Swimming

House, James A.

Hunyadfi, Steven

ISHOF Visitors Register 1974-1978

James, Ben

Jarvis, John 1872-1933

Kaye, Glenn

Kennedy, Edward

Knape, Ulrika

Kight, Lenore

Kok, Mar

Konrads Kids

Kruger, Stubby

Kuehn, Louis

Lamar, Tom 1945-1955

Lenk, Maria

McCaffree, Charles

MacKellar, Lillian

Mann, Matt

Manske, Jane Fauntz

Martin, Strother

Minto, Harold

Mitchell, Don

Moore, Bell

Morris, Pam

Mucha, Olive McKean

Nelson, John

Neuschaeffer, Al

Newman, Virginia Hunt

Nordquist, Axel

Norelius, Martha - 2 envelopes

Nova High School 1965-1978

Ott, Jackie

Ousley, Bob 1967-1973 (F.L.S.A.)


Padovan, Ray

Pinkston, Betty Becker

Pinkston, Clarence

Pompano Beach High School 1956-1964

Rawls, Katherine 1930-1936

Ross, Clarence

Ruska, Sylvia

Schoemmell, Lottie

Schollander, Don

Seig, Jack

Shaffer, Carol

Sitzberger, Ken

Spence Family

Spitz, Mark

Stapleton, Charles

Stickels, Ted 1957-1965

Swedson, Clyde

Ritter, Max

Swim Safety 1929-1930

Swimming 1925-1927

Swimming and Diving 1932

Swimming Pictures

Tanner, Elaine (Nahrgang)

U.S. Olympic Swimming and Diving Teams 1932

UCLA Water Polo 1969 - NCAA Championships

Vandeweghe, Albert

Volmer, Herbert

Voth, Bob

Wyland, Wendy (1974-1987)

Tongay, Kathy Russell

Webb, Captain Matthew

Women's Swimming Association 1915-1917

YMCA 1954 Third National Aquatic Conference

Zehr, Dan

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