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Al Schoenfield Media Award

2008 Rowdy Gaines (USA)


Throughout the 1980’s Rowdy Gaines was known as the fastest swimmer on the planet and in 1995 he was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.


Today, Rowdy is often referred to as “Swimmings’ Greatest Ambassador” and is known as the “voice of swimming.” He’s been calling swimming meets at the Olympic Games, NCAA Championships and virtually every swimming event that is televised in America for the past twenty-two years. He makes swimming exiting and is known for his insightful commentaries and astute observations about today’s champions.


Rowdy began his broadcast career with Ted Turner’s Goodwill Games in Moscow in 1986. In addition to working for TBS, he has covered swimming for CBS, NBC, TNT, Bud Sports, CSTV, CN8 Network, Fox Sports South, the Big 10 Network, and all ESPN networks (ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU). During his long career as a broadcaster, he’s called the US Nationals, NCAA’s, SECs, Big 10s, Alcatraz Triathlon and Ivy League Championships. In Beijing, Rowdy will be calling his fifth Olympic Games for NBC. He is also a regular contributor to nbcolympics.com

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