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2001 Paragon Award / Recreational Swimming


Mr. Galvin currently serves as the CEO of the National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI) located in Alexandria, Virginia. NSPI is the international trade association for the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry.


"I am extremely honored to have been selected for the 2001 Paragon Award and to have been actively involved with the International Swimming Hall of Fame. The concept of swimming and the sport of swimming have been an integral part of my life since the product that I created over the years, namely swimming pools, is the basis for the recreation and sport.


In looking at my career, I thought about my commitment to removing the impediments that stood in the way of consumers owning a pool by showing them how they could know and experience the joys and benefits of swimming. By working with the industry I positioned our products in such a way that would allow more families to own our products, culminating in seeing the joy of kids learning to swim and introduced to the sport in backyard pools.


I thought about the forum I had that would enhance the safe use of pools, and ways to increase the desire for pool ownership, and the standards that shifted the quality of our products for our consumers and athletes.


And, finally, I am most proud of having contributed in some way to make swimming the "Number 1" recreational sport in the United States, with more than 94 million Americans using swimming as their primary recreational choice for the third straight year."

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