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1999 Paragon Award / Aquatic Safety


Rob has spent his life in and around water. As a swimmer, he was an All-American in high school, a YMCA National Champion and later a coach of YMCA National Champion swimmers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After graduation from Florida State University where he was a scholar athlete and then assistant swim coach, he devoted his life and family to teaching infants and children to swim while promoting the importance of water safety. With wife Kathy, his Lifestyle Swim School has become an international model for teaching the gentle, non-traumatic approach of swimming to youngsters and toddlers. He has been a featured speaker at seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and throughout the United States. He has authored and featured articles on infant swimming and aquatic safety in over two dozen international magazines and newspapers and appears on numerous radio and television programs including CBS this morning and The Discovery Channel. His two self produced video volumes of "Diaper Dolphins" are international masterpieces of infant swimming and water safety. He has been a water safety spokesman for the Perrier Water Company. Along with baby swimming pioneer Virginia Hunt Newman, Rob helped produce Water Babies promoting swimming safety and teaching methods for toddlers via video and aired in over 50 countries.

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