Paragon Awards                           Presented By

Peter Hugo, President

National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association

2003 Paragon Award / Competitive Swimming


Peter Hugo has been Teacher, Athletic Director and Physical Education Chairperson at Great Neck North High School, Great Neck, NY. In 1978, the school asked him to coach the boys’ swim team. He had been a lifeguard while a student at SUNY Cortland but mostly a track athlete while in high school. He said, “yes,” and became determined to transfer the training principles used in track to swimming. Not only was he successful in getting the most from his athletes, he embarked on a swimming career that took him to the top service position in the nation.


His teams won four Nassau County Boys’ Championships, six Conference and five Division Championships. At one time (1994-1996), his teams had 49 straight wins with Peter being named County Coach of the Year six times. On the State level, he served as Meet Director for the NY State Swimming and Diving Championships, Secretary of the State public high school swimming committee and Meet Director for the U.S. Games for the Disabled.


In joining NISCA, Peter began a national service career that took him to the presidency (2001-2003) of this influential high school organization, which services over 5,000 high schools and 175,000 athletes. As President, he tried to keep the organization’s functions and goals as visible as possible and to open communication with other major national swimming organizations, always trying to help make improvements in competitive swimming throughout the U.S. He was recently appointed National Marketing Director of NISCA.


Peter coaches and administers as if everyone were part of one big family. He has earned the respect of his athletes and peers. He is a role model to his swimmers and to aspiring coaches.

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