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Ian Thorpe ISHOF Honoree
Ian Thorpe (AUS), 2011 Honor Swimmer

October Honoree Birthdays

 1 - Lorraine Crapp (AUS) - read bio
      George Hearn (GBR) - read bio
      Heinz Kluetemeier (USA) - read bio 
      Yoshiyuki Tsuruta (JPN) - read bio 
 3 - Mike Troy (USA) - read bio 
 6 - Klaus DiBiasi (ITA) - read bio
      Tom Jager (USA) - read bio
      Barney Kieran (AUS) - read bio
 8 - Matt Biondi (USA) - read bio
 9 - Terry Schroeder (USA) - read bio
      Laure Manadou (FRA) - read bio

12- George Hodgson (CAN) - read bio
13- Ian Thorpe (AUS) - read bio
      Summer Sanders (USA) - read bio
14- Laurie Lawrence (AUS) - read bio
15- Guo Jingjing (CHN) - read bio
      Shelley Mann (USA) - read bio
      Jack Medica* (USA) - read bio
      Yasuji Miyakazaki* (JPN) - read bio

16- Melissa Belote (USA) - read bio
      Patty Elsner (USA) - read bio
      Charles McCafree Jr.* (USA) - read bio
      Susan Pedersen (USA) - read bio
17- Arno Bieberstein* (GER) - read bio
      Ross Wales (USA) - read bio
19- Marilyn Bell (CAN)
      Carlo “Papa” DiBiasi* - read bio

20- Ursula Happe (GER) - read bio
21- Georges Vallerey (FRA) - read bio
23- Gertrude Ederle (USA) - read bio
      Deszo Gyarmati* (HUN) - read bio
      Belle Moore* (GBR) - read bio
24- Carl Bauer* (USA) - read bio
      Paul Gunther* (GER) - read bio
      Petar Stoychev (BUL) - read bio
25- Kornelia Ender (GDR) - read bio
      Robert Webster (USA)- read bio 
26- Manuel Estiarte (ESP) - read bio
27- Mary T Meagher (USA) - read bio
      Fanny Durrack* (AUS) - read bio

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please e-mail meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!
* = Deceased

New One in a Thousand Members

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Clark, Steve
Cleveland, Marcia
Diehl, David
Eife, John
Ervin, Anthony
Evans, Janet
Gaines, Rowdy
Gettlefinger, Cheryl
Gorman, Frank
Hafferkamp, Russell
Khasyanova, Elvira
Lezak, Jason
Louganis, Greg

Lundquist, Steve
McAllister, Ian
Neuburger, Dale
Polatin, Rita
Rocca, Peter
Salnikov, Vladimir
Schmidt, George
Schuelke, Michael
Spitz, Mark
Torres, Dara
Vassallo, Jesse
Villa, Brenda
Young, Kathy

Olympians Join One In a Thousand
Olympians launch the “One In a Thousand” Challenge for the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF).  Many ISHOF Honorees such as Mark SpitzJanet EvansDara TorresVladimir SalnikovJason Lezak and Rowdy Gaines, water polo player Brenda Villa, diver Greg Louganis, synchro swimmer Elvira Khasyanova and potential future hall of fame swimmer Anthony Ervin are supporting ISHOF’s “One In A Thousand” campaign.  We urge you to do the same.  Watch all-time great athletes in the new video just released.  
One In a Thousand
Sandra Bucha One In a Thousand
 Sandra Bucha: She’s One in A Thousand!

Sandra Bucha, ISHOF Board Member, Honoree, Open Water Superstar.  She is One in a Thousand!
When asked why she wanted to join the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s One in A Thousand Club, Bucha said, “ISHOF signifies the fulfillment of a dream - a dream I never imagined would be realized.  ISHOF preserves the memory of those who have preceded all of us – whose achievements will serve to inspire others in future years. 
The history of swimming needs to be preserved.  The accomplishments of our predecessors should always be treasured.  ISHOF does that – and so much more. Our new building will properly reflect its significance for all who come to visit!"

Read More about Sandra Bucha
Cynthia Potter ISHOF honoree One in a Thousand

 CYNTHIA POTTER…….She’s One in A Thousand!!!

Cynthia Potter, 1987 ISHOF Honoree and 28-time National Champion as a Diver is special.  She is One in a Thousand!

When asked why she wanted to join the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s One in A Thousand Club, Potter said, “The Hall of Fame is so special and important to all of us. We have a history we must preserve and there is only one ISHOF. For me personally, I am now among incredible individuals that are part of aquatic history, thanks to ISHOF.  The Hall of Fame is the one gift that keeps on giving. Through ISHOF I have created lifelong friendships, that I will treasure forever.”

Join Cynthia and the One in a Thousand Club by helping ISHOF on a monthly or one-time basis.


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Bill Yorzyk 1956 Olympic Champion
 Passages: ISHOF Honoree William ‘Bill’ Yorzyk,
1956 Olympic Champion

The sport of swimming lost a giant on Wednesday when William “Bill” Yorzyk, the first Olympic champion in the dolphin-kick version of the butterfly, died at 87. A 1971 inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Yorzyk was born on May 29, 1933, but he did not travel the typical path of an internationally acclaimed swimmer, as he was a late entry to the sport.

According to his ISHOF biography, Yorzyk was a beginner when he enrolled at Springfield College as a 16-year-old. However, that delayed introduction to the competitive scene hardly deterred Yorzyk on his march to the Hall of Fame. Under the guidance of coach Charles “Red” Silvia, Yorzyk showed great potential and developed on a yearly basis. By his junior year of college, he was an All-American, and bigger accomplishments were to come.


Read More About William "Bill" Yorzyk
Jim and Jonty chase sub-50 100m free
 South African Jonty Skinner and American Jim Montgomery.
When Jim and Jonty Chased Sub-50: A Unique Summer Pursuit (Swimming World Magazine – Sept. Issue)

In the pool, breaching the 50-second barrier in the 100-meter freestyle became a major storyline of 1976. The men at the center of the chase, American Jim Montgomery and South African Jonty Skinner, never met during that Summer of Speed, as politics kept them apart. Nonetheless, they engaged in an entertaining, albeit long-distance, duel.
Read more
Aussie Coach calls on pools to open to save kids lives
Laurie Lawrence Calls On Pools To Save Lives 

Australia’s passionate learn-to-swim advocate Laurie Lawrence has joined the flight to breathe life into a drowning Victorian aquatics industry.

Lawrence and the Director of Learn To Swim Victoria, Joanne Love are afraid that if pools throughout the pandemic stricken State (and not just in regional Victoria) are not given the green light to re-open it will put kids lives at risk.

Read More about Lawrence's Call to Open Pools
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