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November 2021 Newsletter

56th Annual Hall of Fame Induction a Success

The International Swimming Hall of Fame hosted it’s 56th annual Honoree Induction ceremony, dinner and silent auction on October 9th

It was a bit different than most other inductions, in that none of our international Honorees were able to travel to the US to attend because of Covid restrictions.  We took the safe road and hosted a “USA only” induction.

The biggest change was that we combined the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame Honorees and the Paragon Award Winners into the Saturday evening Induction program.

In the past, the Paragon and the ISHOF Awards had its own evening the night before, and the Masters induction was during the annual United States Aquatic Sports Convention, which did not take place this year.

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Happy Birthday Jason Lezak!
November 12th

November Honoree Birthdays


2 - Cesare Rubini* (ITA) - read bio
 3 - Carlos Giron* (MEX) - read bio
      Frank McKinney, Jr.* (USA) - read bio
      R. Jackson Smith* (USA) - read bio
 4 - Bartolo Consolo (ITA) - read bio
 5 - Otto Wahle* (AUT-USA) - read bio
 7 - Claudio Plit (ARG) - read bio
      Austin Rawlinson* (GBR) - read bio
      Max Ritter* (USA-GER) - read bio
      Robert Windle (AUS) - read bio
 8 - Tim Shaw (USA) - read bio
      Frank Guthrie* (AUS) - read bio
      Gail Johnson (USA) - read bio
      Penny Heyns (RSA) - read bio
      Jack Nelson* (USA) - read bio
      Nort Thornton* (USA) - read bio
 9 - Olga Brushnikina (RUS) - read bio
      Florence Chadwick* (USA) - read bio
      Sharon Stouder* (USA) - read bio
11- Francis Gorman (USA) - read bio
      Paula Jean Myers Pope* (USA) - read bio
12- Jason Lezak (USA) - read bio
      Sue Gossick (USA) - read bio
13- Budd Goodwin* (USA) - read bio
14- Julio Maglione (URU) - read bio
16- Britta Steffen (GER) - read bio
      Alex Popov (RUS) - read bio
      Melvin Stewart (USA) - read bio
17- Jodie Henry (AUS) - read bio
      Robert Kiphuth* (USA) - read bio
      Roland Matthes* (GDR) - read bio
      Robert Mowerson* (USA) - read bio
      Michael Wenden (AUS) - read bio
      Laura Wilkinson (USA) - read bio
18- Sydney Battersby* (GBR) - read bio
      Marjorie Gestring* (USA) - read bio
      Mercedes Gleitze* (GBR) - read bio
      Larissa Ilchenko (RUS) - read bio
      Alfred Nakache* (FRA) - read bio
20- Walter Brack* (GER) - read bio
      Karen Harup* (DEN)- read bio 
22- Juno Stover-Irvin Cox* (USA) - read bio
23- Shane Gould (AUS) - read bio
24- Marcella MacDonald (USA) - read bio
      Istvan Szivos, Jr.* (HUN) - read bio
      Stan Tinkham* (USA) - read bio
      Tracey Wickham (URS) - read bio
25- Terry Gathercole* (AUS) - read bio
      Anthony Nesty (SUR) - read bio
      Clark Scholes* (USA) - read bio
      Noburu Terada* (JPN) - read bio
      Wendy Wyland* (USA) - read bio
26- Galina Prozumenshikova (URS) - read bio
27- Mustapha Larfaoui (ALG) - read bio
28- Kathy Ellis (USA) - read bio
      Hans Fassnacht (GER) - read bio
      Cecil Healy* (AUS) - read bio
      Anne Ross* (USA) - read bio
27- Rob Derbyshire* (GBR) - read bio
      Joan Harrison* (RSA) - read bio
      Hakan Malmrot* (SWE) - read bio
27- David Berkoff (USA) - read bio
      Craig Wilson (USA) - read bio

* = Deceased

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please email meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!

New Photos from the ISHOF Aquatic Center
Pool & Hot Tub Foundation Announces New Water Education and Safety Partnership to Prevent Drowning Deaths in Florida    
12 October 2021

Florida ranks fourth in the nation for unintentional drowning deaths, including swimming and boating-related incidents.

On Friday, October 8, swimming and pool industry leaders from the Pool & Hot Tub Foundation (PHTF), the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) and the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) announced a joint partnership to help combat drowning in the state. The one-year agreement between the three organizations marks a pivotal collaboration to further promote swimming education and share available resources providing free or reduced cost swimming lessons in Florida communities.

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Olympian and three-time gold medalist, Rowdy Gaines, is leading the Step Into Swim initiative on behalf of PHTF.
“Drowning is largely preventable and it pains me to see drowning rates increase in the U.S. and for my home state of Florida to be high on that list. This trifecta of support from leading organizations will give Floridian families and communities access to critical water safety skills. By teaching our youth the lifesaving gift of learning to swim, we can make a real, lasting impact and instill confidence in people as they take to the water.” - Rowdy Gaines
Maurice Bushroe, FSPA President, Sabeena Hickman, President & CEO of Pool & Hot Tub, and Bill Kent, Chairman of the International Swimming Hall of Fame at the formal signing ceremony on Oct. 8, 2021.
Piece from Brent

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Justice For Shirley Babashoff and Others? FINA Will Explore Doping History and Awarding Proper Medals


14 October 2021

Shirley BabashoffEnith BrigithaSharron Davies. All three women have Olympic medals to their names, but not the gold color they deserve. Due to the systematic-doping program orchestrated by East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s, Babashoff, Brigitha and Davies were beaten to the wall by performance-enhanced opponents, their rightful place in the sport not recognized.

Now, with FINA pushing for greater transparency and reform under new president Husain Al-Musallam, the governing body for aquatics sports has indicated it will look at past performances and how doping played a role. One possible outcome of an investigation of the past is awarding athletes the medals they would have won in Olympic competition, if not for the presence of the East Germans.

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2021 November Newsletter

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