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Nicole Hoevertsz

2004 Paragon Award / Synchronized Swimming


Nicole Hoevertsz, lawyer, Aruban delegate and representative to international conferences, sports woman, and often speaker; Nicole embodies the variety and excellence exemplary of a Paragon Award Recipient.


Nicole’s synchronized swimming athletic achievements begun in the ‘70’s include multiple Aruban and Antillean Championships, participation in Central American and Caribbean Championships, Dutch National Championships and the U. S. Nationals.  She appeared in duet competition in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles where synchro made its debut.


Coach Hoevertsz began mentoring as a volunteer in the mid-eighties working with young Central American and Caribbean synchro swimmers.  Her coaching career was highlighted by guiding the Aruban solo and duet team to the Seoul Olympics in 1988.


Sports administration accomplishments are centered in “The Barracudas” synchronized swim club as she served as board member through the ‘80’s and ‘90’s and was appointed an Honorary Member in 2003.


Her administrative talents have served the swimming community as well.  Since 1991, Nicole Hoevertz is the Secretary General of the Aruban Swimming Federation and the Aruban Olympic Committee.  Her most recent prestigious appointment is as a Member of the Women and Sports Commission of the International Olympic Committee.


She is a prominent lecturer on the issues of women in sports and legal concerns ranging from doping to sport’s association constitutions.

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