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The Spence Brothers - Wally, Leonard and Walter
The Spence Brothers (l to r: Wally, Leonard, Walter) all incurred piranha bites while swimming in the Demerara River in British Guiana, a very early incentive for swimming fast-- an interest that later led to world records, Olympic Games, and U.S. national championships for all 3 brothers. May 23 is Leonard's birthday.

May Honoree Birthdays

 1 - Alain Bernard (FRA) - read bio
      Greta Andersen (DEN) - read bio
      Mayumi Aoki (JPN) - read bio
      Jed Graef (USA) - read bio
 2 - Aileen Riggin (USA) - read bio
      Norman Ross* (USA) - read bio
      Jill Savery (USA) - read bio
4 -  Kim Welshons* (USA) - read bio
      David Yudovin* (USA) - read bio
 5 - Adolph Kiefer* (USA) - read bio
 6 - Brook Bennett (USA) - read bio

 7 - Jan Stender* (NED) - read bio
 8 - Bob Clotworthy (USA) - read bio
      Jon Erikson* (USA) - read bio
      John Higgins* (USA) - read bio
      Andrea Pollack (GDR) - read bio
 9 - Grant Hackett (AUS) - read bio
      Mirko Sandic (YUG) - read bio
11- Don McKenzie (USA) - read bio
12- Anne Ottenbrite (CAN) - read bio
      Gunnar Larsson (SWE) - read bio
      Pat McCormick (USA) - read bio
      Carl Robie* (USA) - read bio
13- Frank Beaurepaire* (AUS) - read bio
      Sharon Wickman (USA) - read bio
14- Dick Kimball (USA) - read bio
      Kelley Lemmon, Jr.* (USA) - read bio
      Al White* (USA) - read bio
15- Shozo Makino*(JPN) - read bio
      Bill Bachrach* (USA) - read bio
      Andrea Gyarmati (HUN) - read bio
      Kaye Hall* (USA) - read bio
      Jayne Owen Bruner (USA) - read bio
      Henry Padou* (FRA) - read bio
      Mariechen Weschleau*(USA) - read bio
16- Ilona Novak* (HUN) - read bio
      Bill Smith* (USA) - read bio
17- John Davies* (AUS) - read bio
      George Sheldon* (USA) - read bio
20- Hideko Maehata* (JPN) - read bio
21- John Konrads* (AUS) - read bio
      Keo Nakama* (USA) - read bio
      Vladimir Salnikov (URS) - read bio
23- Ray Rude* (USA) - read bio
      Leonard Spence* (GUI) - read bio
24- Adrian Moorhouse* (GBR) - read bio
25- Nathalie Schneyder (USA) - read bio
      Clyde Swendsen* (USA) - read bio
      Marshall Wayne* (USA) - read bio
27- Dick Jochums (USA) - read bio
      Judy McGowan (USA) - read bio
      Bruce Furniss (USA) - read bio
      Jill Sterkel (USA) - read bio
      Mario Majoni* (ITA) - read bio
      Cathy Carr (USA) - read bio
      Frank Dempsey* (USA) - read bio
      Albert Wiggins* (USA) - read bio
28- Dawn Bean (USA) - read bio
29- Gail Emery (USA) - read bio
      John Hencken (USA) - read bio
      Kay Vilen* (USA) - read bio
      Bill Yorzyk* (USA) - read bio
31- Steve Holland (AUS) - read bio
      Domenico Fioravanti (ITA) - read bio

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please e-mail meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!
* = Deceased

ISHOF Honor Coach Eddie Reese to receive ISHOF's Lifetime Achievement Award

The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is proud to announce that it has selected Coach Eddie Reese as this year’s recipient of the ISHOF Lifetime Achievement Award for 2021. The ISHOF Lifetime Achievement Award is an award not given every year, but only when someone is deemed worthy.

The award has only been given out four other times in ISHOF’s history. The ISHOF Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the lifetime dedication and achievements in the swimming/aquatics community.

Read more about Reese's accomplishments and the upcoming award ceremony

Read the full story
Bob Steele
Bob Steele Becomes Part of ISHOF's "One in a Thousand"

Bob Steele, who is known as one of swimming’s great motivational speakers, has joined the One in a Thousand Campaign, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the COVID pandemic.

“The Hall of Fame has been a favorite since the 50’s when Buck Dawson was there. When I was a swimmer, we trained in Fort Lauderdale and we used the old Casino Pool, which just had ocean water in it. It was old school.”

Read the full story
ISHOF One in a Thousand Video
See the video!
Mark Spitz, Janet Evans, Dara Torres and more are One in a Thousand! Join today to support ISHOF! 

ISHOF Loses Five Treasures in the World of Swimming This Month, Four of Them are Honorees

Nort Thornton
Passages: Hall of Fame Coach Nort Thornton Dies After Battle with Heart Condition

Hall of Fame coach Nort Thornton passed away last month in California after being hospitalized in March with a heart condition. His son, Marc, wrote in a public Facebook group:

Hello “Nort’s” extended family. I am sad to notify you that Dad passed away at 8 AM this morning. The good news is that he passed peacefully. We are in the process of grieving and planning. I will continue to update this group. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers truly inspiring!! Go Bears (and Go Owls from those of you from the Foothill days).

Read the full story
Dick McDonough
Passage: NCAA Champion, World Relay Record Holder Richard "Dick McDonough, 78

Richard A. “Dick” McDonough, Villanova’s only NCAA champion and an American record holder and relay world record holder, died on March 31 in Savannah, Ga. He was 78.

McDonough was a standout in high school at Seton Hall Prep, graduating in 1960. He won state titles and claimed gold at the Eastern Interscholastic Championships in high school.

McDonough attended Villanova University, where he won the 1963 NCAA Championship in the 200-yard butterfly, still the only men’s championship in program history, among several All-American honors. The Wildcats also set an American record in the men’s 200 medley relay at 1:42.0 in 1964 (McDonough, Bill Levingood, Ken Herr, Rick Girdler).

Read the full story
John Konrads
Passage: Olympic Golden Boy John Konrads Remembered as "Mr. Unbeatable" As Swimming Loses Freestyle Great

Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer John Konrads has been described as “Mr Unbeatable” as Australian swimming remembers one of its greatest ever champions, following his death on the Sunshine Coast last month.

Konrads, the 1960 Olympic champion in the 1500m freestyle, and a prolific world record holder, passed away in Noosa Hospital after a long illness. He was 78.

Konrads was born in Riga, Latvia on May 21, 1942, when that city was under German occupation. In 1944, with the end of World War II still a year away his parents accepted a German invitation to move out and after staying in a series of homeless camps in west Germany, the family eventually accepted another offer to move to Australia and finally settling in Uranquinty, a railway village south of Wagga where John’s father, a dental technician who worked as a laborer, encouraged his children to swim mainly because nearby dams, rivers, creeks and rivers represented a hazard.


Read the full story
Clara Lamore Walker
Passage: Clara Lamore Walker, 1948 Olympian, Masters Hall of Famer, Dies at 94

Clara Lamore Walker, who swam for the United States at the 1948 Olympic Games in London and is a Masters Hall of Fame honoree at the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) died at age 94 on Friday.

She won three national championships, and later in life set hundreds of national and world swimming records in several masters age groups.

Walker died Friday of natural causes at an assisted living facility in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, according to her great-niece, Alyssa Kent.

She participated in the 200-meter breaststroke in the Olympics when she was 22 years old, but swore after her last heat that she was giving up competitive swimming for good — which turned out to be far from the truth.


Read the full story
Read the full story

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