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Mark A. Wagner

2000 Paragon Award / Water Polo


Mark A. Wagner has served as the Director of Recreation and Community Services for the City of Los Alamitos since 1981. During his tenure as Director, Mark has developed partnerships with the business community, school district, local community organizations and the Armed Forces Reserve Center to successfully develop park and recreational facilities.  The most recent example of these collaborative efforts, is the partnership between the City of Los Alamitos, USA Water Polo, Inc. and the California National Guard which enabled the historic 50 meter swimming pool located on the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Los Alamitos, California to be restored to full operational  use in December, 1998.  The USA Water Polo National Aquatics Center is now the home of our National and Olympic Water Polo teams, and available for use by local swim teams, the military, and aquatic enthusiasts throughout the Southern California Region.


Mark's athletic resume includes a water-ski racing national championship in 1979, triathlon competitions and football at Servite High School, University of California at Davis, and Fullerton Community College where he played on a national championship team in 1967.


Professional awards include being recognized as the "Outstanding Professional of the Year" in 1989 by the Los Angeles Basin Parks and Recreation Commissioners and Board Members Association, and the California Park and Recreation Society District Ten's Coveted Leadership Award in 1998.  Mr. Wagner began his professional career in the City of Irvine, after earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Planning and Management from the University of California at Davis, with specialization in Park and Recreation Administration.

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