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Clare Dennis (AUS) 1932 Olympic Gold medalist, former world record holder in the 100 and 200m breaststroke.   In 1932, when she set the world record for 200m breaststroke, which would last many years, she was also Australia's only Olympic swimming champion and the only Aussie women's Olympic swim champion from 1912 until 1956, a span of 44 years.

March Honoree Birthdays

 1 - Elena Vaitsekhovskaia (URS) - read bio
 2 - Dr. Joseph MacInnis (CAN) - read bio
      Mary Kok (NED) - read bio
      Matthew Mitcham (AUS) - to be inducted in 2021
 3 - Warren Kealoha* (USA) - read bio
      Ian O'Brien (AUS) - read bio
      George Wilkinson* (GBR) - read bio
      George Young* (CAN) - read bio
 5 - Judy Grinham (GBR) - read bio
      Bob Helmick* (USA) - read bio
      Paul Radmilovic* (GBR) - read bio
 6 - Ann Curtis* (USA) - read bio
      Jamison Handy* (USA) - read bio
      Ralph Hutton* (CAN)- read bio
      Betty Becker Pinkston* (USA) - read bio
      Olga Sedakova (RUS)- read bio

 7 - Ginny Duenkel (USA) - read bio
      Clare Dennis* (AUS)- read bio
      Alexander Dolgushin* (URS)- read bio
      Joe Verdeur* (USA)- read bio
 8 - Tom Blake* (USA) - read bio
      Jeanette Campbell* (ARG)- read bio
      David Wilkie (GBR)- read bio
 9 - George Haines* (USA) - read bio
10- Daichi Suzuki (JPN) - to be inducted in 2021
      Michelle Calkins (CAN) - read bio
      Mike Peppe* (USA) - read bio
      Jozsef Szabo (HUN) - read bio
12- Re Calcaterra* (USA) - read bio
      Candy Costie (USA) - read bio
      Al Neuschaefer* (USA) - read bio
13- Rick Carey (USA) - read bio
      Clarence Ross* (USA) - read bio
14- Dick Degener* (USA) - read bio
      Tim McKee (USA) - read bio
      Ron O'Brien (USA) - read bio
      Charlie Sava* (USA) - read bio
      Pieter van den Hoogenband (NED) - read bio
15- Thomas Cureton* (USA) - read bio
      Bela Komjadi* (HUN) - read bio
      Dmitry Sautin (RUS) - read bio
      Helen Wainwright* (USA) - read bio
16- Virginia Hunt Newman* (USA) - read bio
17- Thomas Gompf (USA) - read bio
      Andras Hargitay (HUN) - read bio
      Henry Taylor* (GBR) - read bio
18- Rebecca Soni (USA) - to be inducted in 2021 
19- Richmond Cavill Eve* (AUS) - read bio
      Jennie Fletcher* (GBR) - read bio
20- Jane Asher (GBR) - read bio
      Sandy Neilsen Bell (USA) - read bio
      Igor Poliansky (URS) - read bio
21- Penny Lee Dean (USA) - read bio
      Norma Olsen* (USA) - read bio
22- Lynne Burke (USA) - read bio
      Bill Lippman, Jr.* (USA) - read bio
24- Charlie Daniels* (USA) - read bio
      Maureen O'Toole (USA) - read bio
25- Charles Silvia* (USA) - read bio
      Mary Wayte (USA) - read bio
27- Dave Edgar (USA) - read bio
28- Elvira Kashyanova (USA) - to be inducted in 2021
29- Ilsa Konrads (AUS) - read bio
      John Marshall* (AUS) - read bio
30- Ray Daughters* (USA) - read bio
      Yoshihiko Osaki (JPN) - read bio
31- Maarten van der Weijden (NED) - read bio

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please e-mail meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!
* = Deceased

Longtime Friend of ISHOF, Anne Berry, Becomes One in a Thousand

Anne Berry has joined the One in a Thousand campaign, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the financial difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Berry, who is based out of the DC metro area, has been a long-time donor of ISHOF and utilized the Henning Library to do her Masters thesis on American Studies at George Washington in 1995. She looked at the growth of swimming pool culture between 1910 and 1950, and how the backyard swimming pool for many families became a symbol of success.

“I did some of my research at the Library of Congress, which was great, but there wasn’t anything like being at that (Henning) Library and seeing all of the magazines and reading all the articles and seeing the plans for the swimming pools and really having a deeper understanding of our history and about the role of the swimming pool in American society. I couldn’t have done it without the Hall of Fame,” Anne Berry said.

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Peter Heatly, the Son of Scottish Swimmer and Honor Contributor Sir Peter Heatly, Becomes One In a Thousand

Peter Heatly, the son of 2016 ISHOF Honor Contributor by the same name, has joined the One in a Thousand campaign, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the financial difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My dad used to go over to the Hall of Fame regularly and officiate diving events and had a great relationship with the people there,” Peter Heatly said. “I never went with him but I had always been interested in sport and never went. Two months after he passed away in 2015, we got the letter that he was going to get into the Hall of Fame. Ironically, that year it would be in Santa Clara. It wasn’t where the Hall of Fame was but it was still great to be there."

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Burwell "Bumpy" Jones
Passages: Honor Masters Swimmer Burwell "Bumpy" Jones Passes Away at 87

2005 Honor Masters Swimmer Burwell “Bumpy” Jones passed awayFebruary 6, 2021 at the age of 87, his family confirmed in a Facebook post. Jones was inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame in 2005. There is a masters meet hosted in his name in Sarasota, Florida every year.

At the age of five, a young Bumpy Jones started swim racing, embarking on an illustrious career that would span over 70 years, setting world records as a collegiate swimmer and again years later as a Masters swimmer.

Bumpy has taken part in many swimming firsts. He competed in the first Pan American Games in 1951 winning gold and bronze medals, was a world-record holder in the 150 individual medley and competed during the first year of Masters swimming in the United States in 1971.

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ISHOF Salutes Black History Month - The Fascinting Story of Chicago's DuSable High School

BY ROBERT PRUTER - This is a story of an all-black high school in Chicago, DuSable, which for some 15 years, from the late 1930s to the early 1950s, earned plaudits in the city’s black community as a swimming power. 

Before we get to this story, however, it is important to review the context in which it is being told, and give a look at popular and academic perceptions—true and false—relating to the subject of African Americans and the sport of swimming.

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ISHOF Hall of Fame '20 Will Now Be Inducted in Fall of 2021

The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is inviting the entire aquatics community back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 8-9, 2021 to celebrate the belated induction of its Class of 2020 Honorees, Paragon Award winners, and ISHOF recognitions.

Read More and See All of 2021's Honorees

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