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G. Harold Martin Award

G. Harold Martin Award

2000 Lynn Rickert


Lynn Rickert has been involved in swimming all of his life beginning as an age group swimmer at the Huntington, Indiana YMCA swimming for the famed Glen Hummer.  Later, while in high school, he served as lifeguard and swim team captain.  A star breaststroke champion, Lynn swam on five YMCA national championship teams while participating in six national championships.


After high school graduation in the 1960’s, Lynn attended Ball State University and still found time to volunteer as an assistant high school coach.  From there he became head coach at the Kettering YMCA.  His involvement in YMCA swimming continued for another 30 years as an official, committeeman and volunteer.  His accomplishments include President and Treasurer of the National YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Committee, Member of the Olympic International Operating Committee and the USS Board of Directors, President of the National YMCA Board of Directors, Meet Director of the National YMCA Short Course Championships (6 years), and Board Member of Greenville and Randolph County YMCA Board of Directors.


Lynn has served distinctively on the International Congress and Board of Directors of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.  He is also Treasurer of ISHOF and brings expertise to the position having been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Union Trust Bank in Union City, Indiana where he lives with his wife Mary Ann.  The Rickerts have three children,  Jason, Jenny and Jill.


In his volunteer work at ISHOF, Lynn exemplifies the characteristics which represent the Judge Martin Award.  He serves with loyalty and persistence.


When not at ISHOF for meetings or events, Lynn operates his farm in Indiana, up early every morning milking the cows and performing farm chores.  He is a wholesome person with a kind heart who is always ready to help.

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