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Virginia Hunt Newman International Award

Lulu Cisneros (MEX)

2016 Virginia Hunt Newman Award

Sponsored by Kiefer


Lulu Cisneros began her love of water as a competitive swimmer, went on to be a teacher, coach and finally became the owner of a model swim school in Monterrey, Mexico and spokesperson for aquatic programs for babies.


Lulu was a national age group butterfly champion in her home country of Mexico in the 100 and 200 meters and an exchange student and swim team member at Clearwater High School on Florida’s west coast. Her degree from the University of Monterrey in business administration and studies in pre-school education and infant psychology were a perfect prelude to her future career in baby swim schools. She was also the first swim coach at Monterrey and led her team to a national championship among private universities.


In 1989, Lulu and her husband, Mauricio Hernandez founded the Lulu Cisneros Educación Acuática. She created a system for babies and toddlers based on what she called “Early Aquatic Stimulation Program”. The program combines water, music and games to learn to swim in a cheerful environment putting the youngest children together with their parents in the pool. Lulu was also one of the first to create a Spanish video on teaching babies to enjoy the water and eventually learning to swim.


Cisneros attended the 1991 National Swim School Association (NSSA) conference which introduced her and opened her up to a whole new group of associates in her field, as well as baby teaching strategies. Her new colleagues soon became friends and many exchanges followed, two important contacts were Robert Strauss of Miami and Beatriz Esesarte of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Lulu’s next big advancement in the world of baby teaching was in 1994 when she created the course book, “Natación Para Bebés, Una Propuesta De Acercamiento Afectivo”: Baby swimming, a proposal for an effective approach. Lulu created the course book after she received the NSSA Infant-Toddler teacher certification course.


Cisneros realized the value of attending the conference and clinics and meeting with others in the baby teaching world, so she was instrumental in bringing the World Baby Congress to Mexico, which as she imagined, sparked much interest and growth in baby swimming. As an encore, she brought the 2002 annual NSSA Conference to her hometown of Monterrey, Mexico, the only time it has ever been held outside the United States to date. A very proud achievement for Lulu.


The Lulu Cisneros Educación Acuática received the 1996 Nuevo Leon Quality Award (Mexico), being the first swim school to receive this honor, and in doing so, Cisneros was given the opportunity to meet Mexican Preident, Ernesto Zedillo. In 2002, she received the Guiding Light Award from the USSSA, and in 2011, she was presented with the Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award, given by the World Waterpark Association (WWA).

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