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1983 Honor Contributor

FOR THE RECORD:  Assistant Manager Men's Olympic Team: 1964; Manager Women's Olympic Team: 1968; Manager Men's Olympic Team: 1972; Chairman National Women's Swimming Committee: 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968; Chairman National Men's Swimming Committee: 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972; ; AAU Men's Swimming Committee: 1968; Coach of the 5th Army Swim Team: 1953; Coach: 1954 Phillips 66 Splash Club, 1950 YMCA Bartlesville, Bartlesville High School (1958-1950) Oklahoma High School Champions; U.S. Aquatic Sports Award: 1972.


Ken Treadway provided principal national leadership in swimming's growing years leading up to the formation of U.S. Swimming, Inc.  Treadway was elected to all the various management roles in U.S. Swimming, including National & Olympic Chairman of the Men's and the Women's Committees.  He served the state of Oklahoma as Swimming Chairman and as Association President.  Also, he coached champions in the YMCA, and Oklahoma high schools, and when he joined Phillips Petroleum Company in 1950, he organized the nationally and internationally known "Phillips 66 Splash Club".  He persuaded his company to sponsor an annual swimming meet and in 1983 this led to Phillips' hosting four national swimming championships and later to their becoming the National Sponsor of Swimming in 1973 and the National Sponsor of Diving in 1979.  Treadway's ability to get right at the crux of a problem, and then lead parties to an effective diplomatic compromise, endeared him to the swimming world and created advancement for him at Phillips.  He made no bones about being a good old country boy and this was a great help to him in his many persuasions for the benefit of youth, sports and the Olympic movement. In 1972 he was recognized by receiving the highest award in U.S. Swimming.  Not the least of his accomplishments was finding a pathway for swimming and diving to operate in a high level business like manner and to enhance their image without passing the plate at swim meets.  Briefly, he showed the swimming and diving people "how to run their own railroads and stay on track".

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