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Belgium's Fred Deburghgraeve, breaststroke
Belgium's Fred DeBurghgraeve's Olympic and World Championships achievements are even more impressive given that he spent many years being coached by his father, then remotely by Ronald Gaastra, at a club where he was the oldest swimmer and had no peers at his elite level.  June 1 was Fred's birthday.

June Honoree Birthdays

 1 - Fred DeBurghgraeve (BEL) - read bio
      Alick Wickham* (SOL) - read bio
 2 - Johnny Weissmuller* (USA) - read bio
      Giorgio Cagnotto (ITA) - read bio
 3 - Forbes Carlile (AUS) - read bio
      Tamas Darnyi (HUN) - read bio
      Matt Vogel (USA) - read bio
 4 - Stan Brauninger* (USA) - read bio
      Don Harper (USA) - read bio
 5 - Susie Atwood (USA) - read bio
      Elena Azarova (RUS) - read bio
      David "Skippy" Browning (USA) - read bio
 6 - Ada Kok (HOL/NED) - read bio
      Jozsef Nagy (HUN/USA/CAN/SPA) - read bio
      Jon Henricks (AUS) - read bio

 7 - Ratko Rudic (YUG) - read bio
      M. Thevenot* (FRA) - read bio
 9 - Michael Read (GBR) - read bio
      Sir Peter Heatly* (GBR) - read bio
      Erich Rademacher* (GER) - read bio
      Ferenc Salamon (HUN) - read bio
      Ray Taft* (USA) - read bio
11- Tiffany Cohen (USA) - read bio
      Ellie Daniel (USA) - read bio
      Megan Neyer (USA) - read bio
      Jacques Cousteau (FRA) - read bio
      Aleksandr Kabanov (URS) - read bio
12- Debbie Muir (CAN) - read bio
      Janos Nemeth* (HUN) - read bio
      Farid Simaika* (EGY) - read bio
13- Jennifer Chandler (USA) - read bio
      Ernest Brandsten* (SWE/USA) - read bio
      June Krauser* (USA) - read bio
      Joseph Plentinex* (USA) - read bio
14- Katherine Rawls* (USA) - read bio
      Denes Kemeny (HUN) - read bio
      Georg Zacharias* (GER) - read bio
      Andras "Bandy" Zolyomy* (HUN/ITA/ESP) - read bio
15- Kaye Hall (USA) - read bio
      Harry Hebner* (USA) - read bio
      Beverly Whitefield* (AUS) - read bio
16- Chi Lie Yung (CHN) - read bio
      Ulrika Tauber (GDR) - read bio
17- Stephanie Rice (AUS) - read bio
      Steve Clark (USA) - read bio
      Michael Gross (GER) - read bio
      Ulrike Richter (GDR) - read bio
18- Gerald Forsberg* (GBR) - read bio
      Zolton Halmay* (HUN) - read bio
19- Helene Madison* (USA) - read bio
20- Jean Boiteux* (FRA) - read bio
      Margo McGrath (USA) - read bio
21- Marie Braun* (NED) - read bio
22- Gyorgy Karpati* (HUN) - read bio
23- Gail Roper (USA) - read bio
25- Robert Skelton* (USA) - read bio
      Bernie Wrightson (USA) - read bio
26- Alessandro Campagna (ITA) - read bio
27- Sylvie Frechette (CAN) - read bio
      Adolph Kiefer* (USA) - read bio
      Mina Wylie* (AUS) - read bio
29- Paul Boyton* (USA) - read bio
30- June Taylor* (CAN) - read bio

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please e-mail meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!
* = Deceased

ISHOF Honoree Jesse Vassallo Becomes One in a Thousand

1978 World Champ and 1997 Hall of Fame Inductee Jesse Vassallo has joined the One in a Thousand campaign, which is designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I believe in keeping history,” Vassallo said. “To me it is a huge honor to be a part of it and I wouldn’t want that to ever go away. I want it to grow and it’s really nice to see it being rebuilt and recharged.”

Vassallo, who grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to Miami when he was 11, has a rich history with the facility.

Read the full story
Brian Gordon, Voice of the NCAA, Becomes Part of ISHOF's "One in a Thousand"

Long-time swimming contributor Brian Gordon has joined the One in a Thousand campaign, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve been a member for a long time,” Brian Gordon said. “When I think Hall of Fame, it dates back to my competitive days when the Hall of Fame and the pool went hand in hand. You didn’t have one without the other and I think we are trending with the renovations having that again hopefully. I went to Y Nationals and to the College Forum as a swimmer and then as a coach I would do the same thing. It always had my attention and as I said I’ve been fortunate to be on the honoree selection committee since the late 80s and always felt it was important to have the Hall honor the legacy of our sport as well as be a voice for the present and the future. Every little bit helps and I want to support it and keep it in the mainstream of competitive swimming, diving, and all the aquatic sports.

Read more about Gordon's time swimming at the Hall of Fame pool, announcing for the NCAA, and  coaching at the Hall of Fame pool. 


Read the full story
ISHOF One in a Thousand Video
See the video!
Mark Spitz, Janet Evans, Dara Torres and more are One in a Thousand! Join today to support ISHOF! 
Former NISCA President Dana Abbott Joins ISHOF's One in a Thousand Campaign

Dana Abbott has joined ISHOF’s One in a Thousand campaign, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the COVID pandemic.

“I’ve been involved either as a competitor or a coach since the Hall of Fame opened in 1965. I’m originally from Miami so I used to swim meets and play water polo at the Hall of Fame pool. When I got to college, we would come down for the college coach’s swim forum. I’ve been involved with NISCA for quite a while and we have all of our trophies and awards down there in the museum and it is just a natural thing and easy way, if enough people got involved, to help support the Hall of Fame financially. I’m glad to do it and I’m glad the idea came about in the first place.”

Read the full story
Peter Rocca
Two-Time Olympian Peter Rocca Joins in a Thousand

Two-time Olympian and double backstroke silver medalist Peter Rocca has joined ISHOF’s One in a Thousand campaign, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the COVID pandemic.

“Here you have the history of swimming being kept in its purest form and looking at a global standpoint, why wouldn’t you want to support the history of swimming?” Peter Rocca said. “And that’s what the Hall of Fame does. A lot of my friends are Hall of Fame members and I think the Hall does a lot to keep the history of swimming alive and that’s great plus there’s so many visitors that come internationally and that is something my wife and I support. It’s a great organization.”

Read the full story
Don Schollander
Takeoff to Tokyo: Don Schollander - A Forgotten Star

How can a five-time Olympic champion be underappreciated? How can a man who set double-digit individual world records go overlooked? How can the one-time face of Team USA find himself snubbed on the scale of historical greatness?

Don Schollander was dominant. He was versatile. He was clutch in pressure situations. A half-century beyond retirement,

he deserves continued recognition of his greatness. Yet, Schollander is a largely forgotten star.

Read the full story

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