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High Dive Tower gets last piece on the top
City of Fort Lauderdale Hosts Topping Out Ceremony for Historic Permanent High Diving Tower

On Thursday, the City of Fort Lauderdale hosted the topping out ceremony to celebrate the last piece of steel being erected for the permanent 27m diving tower as part of the ongoing International Swimming Hall of Fame Aquatic Complex construction.

The permanent high diving tower will be the first in the western hemisphere and just the second in the entire world, with the other being in Zhaoqing, China. In May of 2019, the city of Fort Lauderdale was in the early stages of evaluating the construction of an iconic High Diving Tower, and in July 2020 the city commissioners voted to fully fund the 27-meter dive tower and an Observation Deck.

High dive tower and diving well
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4th of July sale at ISHOF
Champion Brand ISHOF Hat
Champion Brand ISHOF Hat
Swimming T-Shirt
Swimming T-Shirt
Terry Anderson, Synchro Swimmer
Not only was Terry Andersen the first world champion of synchronized swimming (winning gold in all synchro events at the World Championships in Belgrade in 1973), she was a pioneer for the sport by traveling abroad to demonstrate with exhibitions at Expo 70 in Japan and the Munich Olympics in 1972. July 28th is Terry's birthday.

July Honoree Birthdays

 2 - Harry Holiday, Jr.* (USA) - read bio
      Clara Lamore Walker* (USA) - read bio
 3 - Mike Burton (USA) - read bio
      Lance Larson (USA) - read bio
 4 - Mark Lenzi* (USA) - read bio
      Don Watson* (USA) - read bio
      Denis Pankratov (RUS) - read bio
      Sylvia Ruuska* (USA) - read bio
 5 - Walter Laufer* (USA) - read bio
      Jim Gaughran (USA) - read bio
 6 - Annette Kellerman (AUS) - read bio
      Peter Montgomery (AUS) - read bio
      Jean Taris* (FRA) - read bio

 7 - Barbara Krause (GDR) - read bio
 9 - Charles Steedman* (GBR) - read bio
10- Kiki Caron (FRA) - read bio
11- Pam Morris (USA) - read bio
      Walter Poenisch* (USA) - read bio
      Pokey Watson (USA) - read bio
12- Tibor Benedek* (HUN) - read bio
      Eleanor Garatti Seville (USA) - read bio
13- Agnes Kovacs (HUN) - read bio
14- Tan Liangde (CHN) - read bio
15- Brad Cooper (AUS) - read bio
      Michelle Ford (AUS) - read bio
      Graham Johnston* (USA) - read bio
      William Berge Phillips* (AUS) - read bio
17- Cornel Marculescu (ROM) - read bio
      Dorothy Poynton* (USA) - read bio
18- Karin Kuipers (NED) - read bio
19- George Breen* (USA) - read bio
      Diana Mocanu (ROM) - read bio
20- Tamas Kasas (HUN) - read bio
      David Yudovin* (USA) - read bio
21- Anita Nall (USA) - read bio
      Caroline Smith-Snyder (USA) - read bio
22- Irene Guest* (USA) - read bio
      Joy Cushman (USA) - read bio
      Lyle Draves* (USA) - read bio
      Cor Kint (NED) - read bio
      Dr. Cathy Ferguson (USA) - read bio
      Deryk Snelling (CAN) - read bio
23- Aaron Peirsol (USA) - read bio
      Eddie Reese (USA) - read bio
      Erick Adlerz* (SWE) - read bio
      Mike Bruner (USA) - read bio
24- Erwin Sietas* (GER) - read bio
25- Maxine Merlino* (USA) - read bio
26- Micki King (USA) - read bio
28- Albert VandeWeghe* (USA) - read bio
      Teresa Anderson (USA) - read bio
29- ingrid Kramer (GDR) - read bio
      Gus Langner* (USA) - read bio

See all honorees.  If you are an Honoree and we missed your birthday, please e-mail meg@ishof.org....we’d love to hear from you!
* = Deceased

ISHOF Curator, Bob Duenkel, to be inducted into ISHOF Class of 2021 as Honor Contributor

Bob Duenkel’s greatest contribution to swimming, was his 40+ years of dedication and service to the International Swimming Hall of Fame, which he began in 1976. As ISHOF CEO, Buck Dawson’s assistant, he absorbed the history of swimming like a sponge, and not just from Dawson, but from the real greats, like Johnny Weissmuller, Eleanor Holm, Buster Crabbe, Esther Williams and many, many more.

Come and hear Duenkel’s incredible life story and commitment to aquatics history at the ISHOF Induction dinner on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Become an ISHOF Legacy Member and attend the ISHOF Induction Dinner for FREE. Can’t attend the event? Please consider donating to ISHOF.

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Rob Butcher Joins ISHOF's One in a Thousand: 'It is an Honor to Support'

Swim Across America CEO Rob Butcher has become the latest to join ISHOF’s One in a Thousand program, designed to help the Hall of Fame prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“ISHOF has so many stories how water & swimming have impacted humanity that it is an honor to support ISHOF with One in a Thousand so we can continue to share our love for aquatics,” Rob Butcher said.


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ISHOF One in a Thousand Video
See the video!
Mark Spitz, Janet Evans, Dara Torres and more are One in a Thousand! Join today to support ISHOF! 
2021 Masters Induction Ceremony
ISHOF 2021 Induction Ceremony to Include Masters Class of 2021

The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is proud to announce that it will be including this year’s MISHOF (Masters) prestigious Class of 2021 to its Saturday evening Induction program.  This year ISHOF will add the MISHOF (Masters) Class of 2021’s nine honorees from five countries; four swimmers, one coach, one diver, one water polo player, one synchronized swimmer, and one contributor.  ISHOF Honoree and Sullivan Award Winner, Debbie Meyer, and double Olympic gold-medalist and everyone’s favorite Olympic swimming broadcaster, Rowdy Gaines will be co-emcees and hosts of the induction on Saturday, October 9, 2021, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Read the full story
Chad Hundeby, long distance swimmer
ISHOF Mourns the Loss of Another Honoree; Long Distance Swimmer Chad Hundeby Dies Unexpectedly at Age 50

Chad Hundeby,  2012 ISHOF Honor Open Water Swimmer, died suddenly on Saturday, June 12, 2021; He was just 50 years old.  His brother Coleman said he suffered an apparent heart attack.

The Open Water and Marathon Swimming community is in shock over the passing of this young man but he certainly leaves a spectacular swimming legacy behind for his three young sons to be proud of.

If there was one thing that everyone in the swimming community agreed on when it came to Chad Hundeby, it was how humble he was.

Read the full story

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