Paragon Awards                           Presented By

John Devitt, President Australian Swimming, Inc.

2004 Paragon Award / Competitive Swimming


John Devitt, Olympic gold medalist (2) and premier swimming administrator represents the best of Australia and Australia’s favorite sports, Aquatics.


Having a distinguished athletic career, John is best known for his victory over Lance Larson in the 100m Freestyle at the 1960, Rome Olympics.  Often, forgotten in remembering the controversy, was John’s spontaneous congratulatory handshake given to Lance, prior to the result being announced.  This fine sportsman accumulated eight medals in two Olympics, 1956 Melbourne and 1960 Rome.  He held World Records 14 times and was a consistent winner in Australia and Commonwealth Championships.


John’s dedication to swimming continues as he currently has a leadership role in the Australian aquatic and Olympic communities, both as President of Australian Swimming, Inc. and Chairman of the Australian Olympic Committee.


A superb competitor of “paragon” proportions and a life-long contributor to aquatic sport, John Devitt is an honor and inspiration to our community.

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