ISHOF’s de Varona and Ellis Recognized As Leaders by USA Swimming and Speedo

ISHOF Chair of the Board, Donna de Varona and Board Member Jim
Ellis have been named to the USA Swimming/Speedo List of the 30 Most
Influential People In Swimming Over the Past 30 Years.  Also making the list are 10 Hall of Fame
Honorees:  Matt Biondi, Peter Daland,
Janet Evans, Rowdy Gaines, Dick Pound, Richard Quick, Eddie Reese, Mark
Schubert, Nick Thierry and John Urbanchek.

These individuals are synonymous with the
incredible growth we
ve enjoyed in swimming, at
every stage: learning to swim, team swimming, college level and representing
our country on the podium,
said Jim Sheehan, USA Swimming
 “The commitment and contributions from Speedo USA
have been instrumental over the last 30 years for many of the
Whos Whoon this
list and thousands of others who participate in our sport on a daily basis.

Donna de Varona is a two-time Olympian who won two gold medals. After her swimming
career ended, de Varona went on to become ABC
s first
full-time female sportscaster and an avid advocate for the advancement of women
s sports through
Title IX. She is a member of the International Women
s Sports Hall of
Fame, the International Swimming Hall of fame and was the first president of
the Women
s Sports Foundation.  She has
served on ISHOF
s Board of Directors
since 2005 and is the current Chair of the Board.

Jim Ellis is
renowned for his devoted efforts to promote diversity within the sport of
swimming. In 1971 he founded the Philadelphia Department of Recreation Swim
Team, a team of predominantly African-American swimmers. His story of bringing
swimming to the lives of inner city youth and their families was brought even
further into the public spotlight through the 2007 movie, Pride.
 Jim has served on ISHOFs Board of Directors since 2007.

For the complete list:

Individuals on the
#30MostSwimfluential list were evaluated on contributions to the sport in the
United States from 1985-2015. Eligibility for consideration and selection was
not dependent on an association with Speedo. A panel consisting of select USA
Swimming staff, USA Swimming Board of Directors, coaches, industry historians
and media determined the final list.

The list was compiled to
celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Speedo
s sponsorship of USA

Speedo USA supports swimmers and coaches at all
levels and we are proud of our 30 year partnership with USA Swimming
said Speedo USA President Jim Gerson. This
milestone is an opportunity to celebrate the progress of the sport over the
past 30 years and the incredible individuals whose contributions have been
instrumental to its growth.

USA Swimming and Speedo are
corporate partners of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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