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ISHOF Master Honoree Criteria

Criteria is based on a minimum of 16 years of active participation in the sport.  This involves competing in four age groups.  Emphasis is placed on international and regional performances, dominance in the sport and a genuine contribution to the sport in general.


  1. Nominee's minimum age for beginning competition is 25 years. FINA's official age groups begin at age 25 years.
  2. All nominees shall have participated for a minimum of 16 years covering at least four different age groups.
  3. All nominees shall be limited to recognition for Masters participation only (not prior accomplishments).
  4. Recognition of accomplishments is based upon:
  5. FINA Masters World Records
  6. Masters World Championships
  7. Masters Regional Championships (LEN, Pa Pacifics, etc.)
  8. Masters National Championships
  9. Masters National Records
  10. An individual's total dominance within an age group.


To assist in evaluating the achievements of the six men and six women nominees in the SWIMMING CATEGORY ONLY, a point system has been devised. These swimmers achievements are reflected through the end of 2015. Of the nominations received, these individuals are at or near the top of the point system list and therefore would have achieved greater international success. You may use this point system to help in your decision- making process.  Points are awarded for:

  • FINA-recognized Masters World Records – 10 points (1986 to present)
  • World Rankings – 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2ndplace, 1 point for 3rd place
  • MSI 1986-1991, FINA 1992-present.
  • World Championships – 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place (Since 1986 held every two years).
  • USA Rankings before 1986 – 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place (Serious competition took place in the USA from 1972 – 1985) before World Rankings started in 1986).

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